So many tips for a stress-free Christmas here! Relax. Do what you really want to do and have a stress-free Christmas holiday.

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You know the holidays – that time of year when you facebook feed is filled up with photos of jolly, cherry-cheeked families sipping warm cider and hot chocolate next to the snowman they just built?

And then you feel like a looser because you’re on your second mimosa just to get through family brunch without biting somebody’s head off; your youngest won’t stop picking his nose; and your tween won’t put his device down long enough to recognize that there’s a gathering happening. Not pretty.

An image of a cute marshmalllow snowman with pretzel arms and legs reclining in a cup of hot cocoa. Suggesting relaxing at the holidays or stress free holidays

But the reality is your family looks like your middle child is ground zero for some awful affliction waiting to strike everyone else and your pediatrician is on speed dial. Your eldest grunts that he would rather hang with his friends than be anywhere near a family holiday gathering and be embarrassed by you. And your youngest just wants to decorate cookies with colored sugar. LOTS of colored sugar.

You stay up too late, drink too much, cook and clean too much, and you’re definitely spending too much money. And after you put yourself through all of this, you didn’t even enjoy yourself. Much.

Let’s stop this madness! This is the perfect guide with over 100 many tips for a stress-free Christmas that you’re sure to make it through the season honoring what you genuinely want to honor.

Tips For A Stress-Free Christmas

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An image of a cute marshmalllow snowman with pretzel arms and legs reclining in a cup of hot cocoa. Suggesting relaxing at the holidays or stress free holidays

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I hope one or more of these tips for a stress-free Christmas will make your holiday season a little brighter and much less stressful! Happy Holidays!

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