A delicious looking mug containing Valentines hot chocolate bomb with several hot chocolate bombs next to the mug

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Spoiler Alert: Valentine’s Day is all about demonstrating love to those closest to you. Spending time making something special for your kids or your spouse or partner – especially something as beautiful and delicious as Valentine’s hot chocolate bombs is a great choice! Here’s you’ll find some gorgeous tasty Valentine’s treats to share. Once these “bombs” of tempered chocolate burst, you’ll be delighted with mini marshmallows, decorations, hot cocoa and sprinkles. You’ll love this cup of hot chocolate – I promise!

A delicious looking mug containing Valentines hot chocolate bomb with several hot chocolate bombs next to the mug

Valentine’s Day is a time for showing your love and sharing of yourself. But what if you’re not so great at expressing yourself? What if you don’t have the means to buy expensive gifts or lavish dinners? A romantic box of chocolates is a familiar solution.

But, what if you kicked that up a bit and offered a romantic homemade box of Valentine’s Day chocolate cocoa bombs?

a collage of images of beautiful delicious looking Valentine's hot chocolate bombs

Each of these treats is delicious, easy to make, and only requires a few ingredients! You’ll find your perfect hot cocoa bomb in here no matter whether your favorite is white chocolate, milk chocolate, semi-sweet chocolate chips, or even candy melts. These combos of warm milk and hot melted chocolate is sure to impress your sweetheart!

Valentine Hot Chocolate Bombs

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In addition to the traditional Valentine’s day with spouse, I have been making baskets filled with Valentine’s gifts for my boys for years now. The boys are ten and thirteen. In addition to Valentine’s hot cocoa bombs, here are a few of my favorite ideas for their Valentine’s baskets this year:

They always get a Valentine’s or love themed LEGO set or bobblehead. This year, I selected the LEGO Valentine’s panda for the ten year old. And, while not specifically Valentine’s themed, the thirteen year old got the BrickHeadz Tabby cat set since this year has been filled with a love of cats.

I thought these “Do Not Disturb, I Am Gaming” socks were hysterical – and a bit more of a grown up choice for this year.

And, now that I have these terrific Valentine’s hot chocolate bombs – you can bet I’ll put some of these in their baskets!

As you and your loved one(s) sip on these delicious Valentine’s day hot chocolate bomb recipes, have fun with either these cool Valentine’s Day facts or these fun Valentine’s day crafts for tweens and teens.

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A delicious looking mug containing Valentines hot chocolate bomb