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  1. Helpful tips and thanks for sharing that point of view about chores. I love the rule about screen time, should start using that for my kids, too 🙂 Visiting from Inspired Bloggers Network on FB.

  2. I love your overall blog! Pretty colors! Now, this post is so needed. We often stress out about our children but that’s usually because we aren’t taking focused steps. This is a great post to help parents out! Great work!

    1. Thank you so much for you kind words! Your blog is lovely too – thank you so much for stopping by! I’m following you to keep up with all that you’re sharing!

  3. Such good points! The basis for that saying “Everything I need to know I learned in Kindergarten” is just so accurate. The education “stuff” will come on its own time…respect for each other, kindness, etc…that’s what you need!

  4. Hooray for free play! And I really like your consideration for screen time – it kind of reminds me of something I’ve heard for food, too – to do little check-ins, “Am I still hungry, or am I eating out of boredom or to fill an emotional need?”

    1. There just isn’t enough free play, is there? Why is that?? I think people don’t see the value in it any more. Boo 🙁 My boys come up with their most clever games when they are playing on their own!

  5. This is definitely great food for thought! I don’t know how I feel about the whole chores thing. I think I lean towards at least helping my son understand his responsibilities, like to clean up after himself. At some point, there will be chores, but not until he’s older. I love these tips on helping your child to use his/her imagination and think outside the box! The best tip, I think, is not to “use” TV or gadgets for anything – what a great idea. I mean, how often do I “use” the TV because I am bored? Great post!

    1. I still wonder about the chores thing too! I don’t assign chores or have a chore chart or anything like that. And I don’t designate anything as a “chore.” But both of my boys know that when I ask them to help out, they are expected to do it. Joyfully. I explain that we all have our jobs in our family and one of theirs is to help out when asked. It’s just part of being in our family. So they do help out, but I think it’s made it less of a “chore” or something they complain about. Which has been really nice!

  6. Great post – I think kids should be kids! Let them enjoy this time and enjoy their “free time” and “boredom” – it will only come around once in their life, after all!!!!

  7. I love it when my kids tell me they’re bored. Occasionally I will suggest something creative they can do, sometimes we’ll play together and sometimes I’ll give them a chore (sharp intake of breath 🙂 )like cleaning out the toy room. they don’t usually get far cleaning, they usually end up playing with toys they had all-but forgotten about…

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