image of a creative coffe drink - possibly a caramel latte - along with a bakery treat a spoon and a newspaper

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Spoiler Alert: I don’t even like coffee. But you know who’s been making a mint off of me for the last twenty years? Starbuck’s. That’s right. In a stroke of genius business modeling – they’ve captured the hearts and minds of even those of us who do. not. like. coffee. How is this possible? It’s possible because they have coffee drinks. And coffee desserts. Like coffee cake. And coffee drinks and coffee treats and coffee flavored things just sort of make me slobber a little. So if you’re like me and you like all treats of the coffee variety – get ready to slobber just a bit as you get ready to pick your first recipe from this list!

Images of coffee desserts and coffee drinks that all look delicious

There is no better way to spend a morning than watching the sunrise with a hot cup of coffee. Not your ideal scenario? Then how about munching on a coffee dessert with your girlfriends at brunch, or watching the sunset while enjoying some coffee-flavored ice cream? There are so many unique ways you can enjoy coffee and these recipes are some of my favorites. Whether you’re a morning person or just looking for a cozy warm escape in a cup, these coffee recipes are perfect. Here are 50 Creative Coffee Recipes that every coffee lover should try this year.

50 Creative Coffee Drinks

So Now What?

Now that you’re hastily scribbling down a shopping list so that you can dive right into this deliciousness – let me add the icing on your cake. What if… I’m just saying – what if…

What if you added in a bit of cozy – hygge if you will – to your coffee drinks and coffee desserts? Your first step would be to plan a family game night that would gather everyone round and bring you closer to your friends and family.

Or, you could spend some quality time with one of these delicious darlings and get your creativity on. It’s been scientifically shown that creative people are happier and more relaxed!

Either way – I hope you enjoy these coffee drinks and coffee desserts in whatever way works best for you – cocktails with neighbors on a nippy winter night; game night with friends and family; or spending some much needed you time!

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image of a creative coffe drink - possibly a caramel latte - along with a bakery treat a spoon and a newspaper