Find the very best tips and tricks for getting your child the perfect back to school backpack.

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    1. I love this part of back to school as well! I never fail to be surprised by what my son picks. I assumed it would be Star Wars or Lego, but he surprised me by wanting dragons. So dragons it is!

  1. I used to be a middle school teacher, and I agree that it’s important to watch out for the too-heavy backpacks. Teaching your child to organize the backpack and clean it out from time to time can be a lifesaver for some kids.

    1. I do worry about how many books come home as they get older and how much the backpacks weigh! I love the additional ideas of starting them on good habits by organizing and cleaning their backpacks each day!

  2. I’m actually really excited to start back to school shopping. My son is just starting kindergarten, so the right size back pack is really important. Thanks for all the tips!

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