Positive Parenting

This is the most touching story of the lessons one mom learned as she worked on being present with her son. I love this story because learning and modeling how to live in the moment with your kids is an amazing gift to give both them and yourself. As moms, we are not perfect. But simple tips like this - how to be present in your life, mindfulness, and learning to live in the moment - strengthen your connections with your children. #beingpresent #liveinthemoment #mindful #bepresent www.themidlifemamas.com

A Promise to My Ten Year Old Son

Spoiler Alert: I always want to share my good mom moments with you - who doesn't, right? But, this post is about a big mom fail for me and the lessons gained after an argument with my son. I'm practicing being...
Learning how to be present and in the moment with your relationships, thoughts, and feelings is a process. And for me, mindfulness with my kids is somehow even harder; they push my buttons. This post reminds me that parents are people - we are not perfect. But simple tips like this - being present and learning to live in the moment - can not only strengthen your connections with your children, but it can profoundly impact the life of your child. Every parent needs this reminder - such a beautiful story!!! #beingpresent #beingpresentinthemoment #beingpresentwithkids #mindfulness www.themidlifemamas.com

Dear Son: This Is What You Need To Know About My Love For You

We all know that there will inevitably be awkward conversations with your tween or teen. I love this idea / tip because no matter how flustered or embarrassed I feel by my child's conversation starters, this works! What parents really want is a way to respond positively in the moment when we've been caught off guard instead of reacting negatively and damaging our relationship with our child. Here's the only phrase you'll ever need to know! #positiveresponse #tweens #teenagers #parentingtweens #parentingteens #parenting www.themidlifemamas.com

You Only Need One Powerful Phrase To Transform Any Awkward Conversations With Your Tween

As a mom, it’s hard to watch your highly sensitive child turn into an angry kid right before your eyes! Parenting and learning how to deal with an angry kid is not what any of us planned for. But, there is good news – there are ways to manage anger, sensory hacks, and coping skills. This article is a really good and easy place to start once you've gone beyond the usual suspects. Two common causes of angry kid behaviors are sugar sensitivity and worries. This helps with both! #angrychild #intensechild www.themidlifemamas.com

Is Your Child Displaying Angry Behaviors? This Is What You Need to Know…

Parenting Teens & Tweens

Just when I thought I had this parenting gig down. My son turned nine. Tweens and teens really require an entirely new set of skills from us as parents. The issues are new: peer pressure, sex, screens, bullies...

So I've discovered, more listening. Less lecturing. They already know what I think about most things. So it's their turn to start making some of the choices.

And watching that requires some serious mom support...

Raising Highly Sensitive Kids

I'm a highly sensitive person. Both of my sons are as well. They exhibit their sensitive traits in different ways - but we need a special understanding of highly sensitive kids to help them be their best.

Tips for Modern Parents

I think we've all figured out that this ain't your mama's parenting. Today's parents are hands on more than any other generation. I've got tips, how-to's, hacks, and solutions for anything you're likely to run into during this transitional time.