Positive Parenting

One of the most important truths in family relationships is that we must demonstrate to our kids what it is to love unconditionally. As a mother raising tweens, I’m learning that one of the best ways to demonstrate my feelings to my boys is to go to the one place I never really wanted to go… #lovedunconditionally #love #tweens #unconditionallove www.themidlifemamas.com

My Dear Son: You Are Loved Unconditionally

Spoiler Alert: I have no "quick fix" or "magic pill" hacks, tips, or ideas to magically navigate you through raising tweens. But I can share stories about how I've learned that loving children is to love unconditionally. The truth is...
This is the most touching story of the lessons one mom learned as she worked on being present with her son. I love this story because learning and modeling how to live in the moment with your kids is an amazing gift to give both them and yourself. As moms, we are not perfect. But simple tips like this - how to be present in your life, mindfulness, and learning to live in the moment - strengthen your connections with your children. #beingpresent #liveinthemoment #mindful #bepresent www.themidlifemamas.com

A Promise to My Ten Year Old Son

Learning how to be present and in the moment with your relationships, thoughts, and feelings is a process. And for me, mindfulness with my kids is somehow even harder; they push my buttons. This post reminds me that parents are people - we are not perfect. But simple tips like this - being present and learning to live in the moment - can not only strengthen your connections with your children, but it can profoundly impact the life of your child. Every parent needs this reminder - such a beautiful story!!! #beingpresent #beingpresentinthemoment #beingpresentwithkids #mindfulness www.themidlifemamas.com

Dear Son: This Is What You Need To Know About My Love For You

As our children grow up, it gets harder to find ideas and activities to foster strong family connections. But this idea for a family meeting that parents can use to build a strong family connection that lasts and lasts! #familyconnection #familymeeting www.themidlifemamas.com

Connected Families Use This One Overlooked Parenting Tool

Parenting Teens & Tweens

Just when I thought I had this parenting gig down. My son turned nine. Tweens and teens really require an entirely new set of skills from us as parents. The issues are new: peer pressure, sex, screens, bullies...

So I've discovered, more listening. Less lecturing. They already know what I think about most things. So it's their turn to start making some of the choices.

And watching that requires some serious mom support...

Raising Highly Sensitive Kids

I'm a highly sensitive person. Both of my sons are as well. They exhibit their sensitive traits in different ways - but we need a special understanding of highly sensitive kids to help them be their best.

Tips for Modern Parents

I think we've all figured out that this ain't your mama's parenting. Today's parents are hands on more than any other generation. I've got tips, how-to's, hacks, and solutions for anything you're likely to run into during this transitional time.

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