The Sensitive Child

As a mom, it’s hard to watch your highly sensitive child turn into an angry kid right before your eyes! Parenting and learning how to deal with an angry kid is not what any of us planned for. But, there is good news – there are ways to manage anger, sensory hacks, and coping skills. This article is a really good and easy place to start once you've gone beyond the usual suspects. Two common causes of angry kid behaviors are sugar sensitivity and worries. This helps with both! #angrychild #intensechild

Is Your Child Displaying Angry Behaviors? This Is What You Need to Know…

Stories for children about anxiety is the best list I've found with both stories and strategies for every kid of every age with any kind of worries!

The 50 Best Stories and Strategies to Help Children of All Ages Conquer Anxiety

Parenting a highly sensitive child can be challenging. During school breaks or other changes in routines, activities, or schedules, some signs and traits of emotional or sensitive children may become more pronounced. As a mom, these tips were so helpful to me to learn when my child was struggling with difficult feelings or thoughts and how I could really help him get through a challenging situation. #emotionalsensitivity #highlysensitivechild #emotionsforkids

One Thing Your Highly Sensitive Child Needs From You

I haven't met a highly sensitive child who didn't start out with some worries about going to a pool. I was able to figure out why my son didn't like the pool by looking at some of these ideas!

How to Help Your Highly Sensitive Child Love The Pool

Understanding our body's sensory signals is a key skill that every parent needs to help their children learn. Here's a great "how to" to get you understanding your sensory signals and your child's!

The One Little-Known Skill Every Child Needs To Learn

Teaching water safety to kids can truly be the difference between life and death. This summer, parents everywhere will be searching for pools nearby for fun games and activities for their children. But we all need to make sure that children learn this one thing before they are encouraged or forced to learn to swim. It's all about safety! #watersafety #swim #learntoswim

10 Ways To Get Children Used to the Water

Acts of kindness can be difficult for sensitive children and here are some sure fire ways to help them get through it. They already have both kindness and empathy - they just need to learn the skills to not be overwhelmed by them! This is a great act of kindness for the whole family!

One Marvelous Reason Sweet Kids May Struggle With Kind Acts

How many times have you thought: Why did you do that? What were you thinking? Wouldn't it be great to have your own personal translator to interpret child behavior? Here's your translator!

Need a Translator to Interpret Child Behavior?