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I loved this easy response to children when they are complaining that 'It's Not Fair!"

The Perfect Response to "It’s Not Fair!"

I love having a list of great books right at my fingertips! This is a great summer reading list for my boys between the ages of 8-12!

25 Enthralling Summer Books for Boys 8-12

Acts of kindness can be difficult for sensitive children and here are some sure fire ways to help them get through it. They already have both kindness and empathy - they just need to learn the skills to not be overwhelmed by them! This is a great act of kindness for the whole family!

One Marvelous Reason Sweet Kids May Struggle With Kind Acts

I adore being a boy mom - but with that great privilege comes the responsibility of raising boys who grow up to become gentlemen. While they are still young, we have to teach every young teen about healthy relationships. Valentine's Day provides a perfect opportunity to teach your young teen about healthy relationships and love! #youngteen #healthyrelationship

How To Teach Your Young Teen About Healthy Relationships on Valentine’s Day

Have you looked for the very best tips to get the clutter of kids rooms under control and to organize LEGOs for boys? I spent forever looking for storage solutions that were fun, awesome, and creative. But then I figured out why so many of the organization ideas we tried never worked. Here's what you really need to know about those LEGOs on the floor. #LEGO #organize

How To Organize LEGOs For Boys The Kid Approved Way