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While turning 40 is a unique experience for every woman, we all continue to need purpose. Your 40th may have you looking at your life from a new perspective finding new truths and new inspiration. Your life goals may swing from simplicity to adventure. But I really love these three terrific tips to always remember that you are awesome! #turningforty #midlife #over40

Three Secrets to Creating a Purposeful Life After Turning 40

I am always interested to hear stories from other women about turning 40. Remember fifteen years ago, we were all telling the birth stories from our most recent baby. Now, I hear more turning 40 stories - or even turning...
From one boy mom to another – here are some every-day truths about mothering boys from toddlers to teenagers to be men we are proud of. Mothers of boys are totally and beautifully wrecked with love – and here are some of the surprising challenges of parenting boys as well as tips and advice that will encourage you and have you nodding your head in agreement! #boymom #raisingboys #boys #motheringboys

7 Things I Didn’t Expect About Mothering Boys

This post shares the books about finding yourself that I have personally have enjoyed reading as a woman in my 40's (ok, so I really just turned fifty - I'm easing into it slowly). Each book is filled with thoughts, truths, and words of encouragement for women inspiring you to be the best you can be. Some take a tough love approach, some women open their hearts and souls in their writings, and others have shared with humor. What these books don't do is tell you what your best looks like for you. I am about helping you dig inside to discover the very best version of yourself and then to learn how to be the best version of yourself. #wordsofencouragement #bestbooksaboutfindingyourself #selfhelp #bestversionofyourself

The 10 Must Have Books About Finding Yourself in Your 40’s

Making mom friends can be tough - especially when you're over 40 with kids still at home. If you want some good ideas because you need to make a new mom friend (or 5), you need the companionship and support from somebody who's got your back - this is the new way to find new friends! Guaranteed. #momfriends #internetfriends

Finding Mom Friends Online Will Make You Feel Better About Life

Life Begins At 40

Forty seems to be about the time that, as women, the life we've worked so hard to plan, fashion, and control begins to fall apart. But you'll find friends here living the same thing. We are your people!


I mother boys. Two, to be precise. The older they get the more my job description morphs away from what I know. Here, you'll find some great ideas about motherhood to explore and help you each and every day.

Discover Your Creativity

I've found that exploring my creativity (sometimes that just means coloring in a book...) reveals so much about where I've been and where I want to go. I thought I'd share the good news with you here!