Life Begins At 40

While turning 40 is a unique experience for every woman, we all continue to need purpose. Your 40th may have you looking at your life from a new perspective finding new truths and new inspiration. Your life goals may swing from simplicity to adventure. But I really love these three terrific tips to always remember that you are awesome! #turningforty #midlife #over40

Three Secrets to Creating a Purposeful Life After Turning 40

This post shares the books about finding yourself that I have personally have enjoyed reading as a woman in my 40's (ok, so I really just turned fifty - I'm easing into it slowly). Each book is filled with thoughts, truths, and words of encouragement for women inspiring you to be the best you can be. Some take a tough love approach, some women open their hearts and souls in their writings, and others have shared with humor. What these books don't do is tell you what your best looks like for you. I am about helping you dig inside to discover the very best version of yourself and then to learn how to be the best version of yourself. #wordsofencouragement #bestbooksaboutfindingyourself #selfhelp #bestversionofyourself

The 10 Must Have Books About Finding Yourself in Your 40’s

This is the best-ever list of self help books; each book is overflowing with words of encouragement for women. Each one of these books is perfect for moms, any woman really, who is looking for personal development, growth, and life changing motivation. From time to time, all of us need inspiration to keep going through marriage or divorce, depression or anxiety, or when we are simply learning to be who we authentically are in our 40’s. I love how each book shares – in its own way - genuine heart felt words and ideas from women based on their personal experiences. #selfhelp #selfhelpforwomen #anxiety #depression #selfhelpbooks #selfhealing

10 Books That Will Make You The Best Version Of Yourself

Are you wondering what is middle age? Is it a number or is middle age something that you can successfully navigate?

This is What a Successful Midlife Crisis Really Looks Like

Want inspiration to be creative? It doesn't matter whether your jam is photography, writing, arts or crafts - creativity actually correlates with happiness and life satisfaction! #creativity #inspiration

This Is What Killed My Creativity…And How I Got It Back

Here are three phenomenal tips to help you host a party as an introvert. These ideas are so simple and they helped me throw the most amazing party as an introvert. I won't throw parties the old way ever again!

3 Tips to Throw An Awesome Party – Even As An Introvert

The beauty of midlife is that we can summon our courage to be vulnerable with those who have earned the right to see our vulnerability. Midlife isn't a crisis, it's a metamorphosis!

Finding The Courage To Stop Pretending You’re Not Enough

Perfection: How many ways are you getting it all wrong??

Perfection: You Might Be Getting It Wrong