From one boy mom to another – here are some every-day truths about mothering boys from toddlers to teenagers to be men we are proud of. Mothers of boys are totally and beautifully wrecked with love – and here are some of the surprising challenges of parenting boys as well as tips and advice that will encourage you and have you nodding your head in agreement! #boymom #raisingboys #boys #motheringboys

7 Things I Didn’t Expect About Mothering Boys

Making mom friends can be tough - especially when you're over 40 with kids still at home. If you want some good ideas because you need to make a new mom friend (or 5), you need the companionship and support from somebody who's got your back - this is the new way to find new friends! Guaranteed. #momfriends #internetfriends

Finding Mom Friends Online Will Make You Feel Better About Life

This is the best-ever list of self help books; each book is overflowing with words of encouragement for women. Each one of these books is perfect for moms, any woman really, who is looking for personal development, growth, and life changing motivation. From time to time, all of us need inspiration to keep going through marriage or divorce, depression or anxiety, or when we are simply learning to be who we authentically are in our 40’s. I love how each book shares – in its own way - genuine heart felt words and ideas from women based on their personal experiences. #selfhelp #selfhelpforwomen #anxiety #depression #selfhelpbooks #selfhealing

10 Books That Will Make You The Best Version Of Yourself

Dear Mom who feels like she's failing. Is there one thing we use to define motherhood? To figure out if we're doing ok as moms? This is the heartbreaking story that reveals the most important thing mothers do. #motherhood #goodmom #dearmom

Dear Mom – This Heartbreaking Story Reveals The Most Valuable Thing You Do

So many sources of stress can make motherhood feel like being run over by a Mack truck. But I've found two ways to revive my passion for motherhood!

How to Revive Your Passion for Motherhood When You Feel Stressed

Women in their 40s make some of the most audacious moms - and here are the top 5 reasons why!

5 Reasons Why Women In Their 40s Are Audacious Moms

I love quick wins - especially quick wins for moms! These quick wins do a great job of helping mom get out from under the sense of overload!

5 Quick Wins for Moms to STOP the Overwhelm Today

Women over 40 are crushing motherhood! And here's why!

How Women Over 40 Are Crushing Motherhood For the First Time

Ever wonder if there's such a thing as quick wins for parents? Well, there are! These 5 are a great start!

5 Quick Wins to Crush Mom Guilt