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I would love to learn how to say no nicely, politely, and maybe even gracefully to family and friends without feeling guilty. This is the perfect read if you want step by step tips on how to do just that and honor what matters most to you. Now - I've learned how to say no and I have time and energy left over to say yes to what matters - whether that be new adventures, or the people and things that truly matter in my life. #howtosayno #sayno #whatmatters

How to Say Yes To What Matters Most

Spoiler Alert: Over time, I have learned how to say no nicely, politely, and maybe even graciously to family and friends. I can even say no without feeling guilty or like a failure. I'm sharing my best step-by-step tips on...
Cinco de Mayo is a fun time for learning a bit of authentic Mexican culture. Kids will have a wonderful time with any or all of the fun activities, projects, and ideas collected here to teach them about the authentic art, history, food, crafts, and games of a traditional Cinco de Mayo celebration in Mexico. I used these ideas as a homeschool unit study about Mexican culture and both of my boys loved it! #Mexcianculture #cincodemayo #unitstudy

Cinco de Mayo For Kids: Discover Mexico’s Magical Culture

Teaching math concepts using stories about math motivates kids who don't already love math. And what's more - math story books and stories about numbers help kids who already know that math is fun with their reading! This list of math stories has something to appeal both to elementary as well as middle school age children. As a bonus- you'll find ten fascinating biographies of famous mathematicians! # storiesaboutmath #mathstories #storiesaboutnumbers #storiesforchildren

Stories About Math That Will Inspire Kids to Love Numbers (Proven By Science!)

This year I am learning how to homeschool my son. As a beginner, I had no idea how to start - scheduling, organization, classroom hacks, record keeping, or any of the supplies I would need. I'd researched and known the benefits for my son of secular homeschooling for a long time. Here are planning tips, ideas, printables, and I'll also share my reasons to homeschool. You can do this. #homeschool #starthomeschool

How To Be a More Relaxed and Confident Homeschool Mom {With Printable}


My mother was the consummate homemaker. I learned as much as I could from her (including her dislike of ironing). I've added in my own twists and tips for a busier time in life - here you'll get all the tricks and tips for making everything more do-able.

Homeschool Journey

I became an unintentional homeschooler. But, I've embraced it as a life-style that nurtures our desire to be less harried, less busy, and less anxious. I wouldn't trade it for the world! And here, I'll show you how I rocked it.

Slower Living

The moment that I refused to honor my busy-ness as "success" was the moment that my life became less stressful and more clear. When you keep the few most important things in mind, everything else falls into place. Let's help each other dishonor busy!