Slow Life at Home

I want stress free and relaxing holidays for me and my family. I want to spend time giving thanks for simple pleasures that can be taken for granted. But the holidays are busy, stressful, and overwhelming. So I re-worked our traditions and came up with tips for a stress free Thanksgiving. Cheers to recognizing the ordinary miracles and giving thanks for those simple pleasures that we have every day! #simplepleasures #givethanks #gratitude

Giving Thanks for Simple Pleasures Powerfully Transforms Your Holiday Into Something Sophisticated & Satisfying

So many tips for a stress-free Christmas here! Relax. Do what you really want to do and have a stress-free Christmas holiday.

100+ Tips for a Stress-Free Christmas

I was wondering how to make Christmas traditions more relaxed - I was ready to pull my hair out and this made so much sense!

How to Make Your Christmas Traditions More Relaxed