What role does nutrition play in child obesity? What about foods for children that we consider to be healthy? Are they actually harming our children? Dooming them to a shorter and less healthy life? www.themidlifemamas.com

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  1. We don’t eat much sugar around our house, but I do find myself still worrying when my toddler gets a little too excited over her bowlful of homemade yogurt with 3 hidden chocolate chips in them! Especially since sometimes it’s difficult to brush her teeth!

    1. It is hard – one of my boys always wants dessert, but he’ll eat what he wants and walk away. My other son has a much harder time… Thanks for stopping by! If you enjoyed the post, I have one every day this month!

  2. Other parents express surprise when my kids look for water to drink! We don’t deny them juice, we just don’t have it in the house. Juice is a treat and there’s always plenty of real fruit around.

    1. We do exactly the same! People always look at me strangely if I reject an offer of juice 🙂 Although my boys do get it at parties and whatnot, it’s a treat. I always keep a huge bowl of fruit out and they know they can get anything from there when they want a snack.

  3. Do it early. It’s so much easier to start right, than to change things later. My daughter developed type 2 diabetes due to a combination of autism meds and eating poorly.

  4. We never keep juice in the house, because of all the sugar. If they have it at a friend’s house, I’m OK with that because it’s once in a while. It’s so hard to keep them away from sugar! Thanks for sharing at the Manic Mondays blog hop!

    1. I do the same – if there is juice offered at parties, I always let them have it. I was so proud of my 7 year old who was offered soda at a recent party – he said he’d just like some water. He hasn’t had soda yet, but I was proud 🙂

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