The Intentional Moms Movement

One of the greatest joys and blessings that being a mother has brought me is the art of connecting with, being amazed by, and supporting other mothers. Inspiration and support to follow our own path comes from so many places.

But for me, motherhood and the tribe of amazing women I found has been truly inspirational. Motherhood can be lonely – and this is true whether you’ve left your career to stay at home or you continued working after becoming a mama. We all need that reassurance that as long as we live in alignment with our family’s values .

I really enjoy the company and support of my mom friends, hanging out after drop off in the local hippie coffee shop sharing a great conversation with a latte on the side. But hanging out seems to have gotten more difficult now that my boys are getting older.


When my son was in preschool, I was asked to chair the annual auction – which I agreed to do. As the committee and I worked together – I was blown away by the input, energy, and ideas that these women had. I was blown away by what everyone was able to contribute and create! Blown. Away.

Until that moment, I thought that we were stumbling around in a sleep-deprived, groggy haze mumbling “The Wheels on the Bus.” These women proved me wrong. And so I began to seek out more friends within both of our school communities. And I started a moms group where the kids could play together and the moms could have a moment with one another.

I missed the time spent and the conversations. So as I enjoyed writing on this site more and more, I felt something was missing here, too. I wanted that sense of community. So I set out to create one!

If any of this speaks to you, you’re in the right place! And…we’d love to have you join us at The Intentional Moms Movement.

Everything about raising our kids against the grain – whether we have differently wired kiddos, always hold the line on bedtime, homeschool, or don’t allow electronics – can be tough. The world can feel like a really judge-y and hostile place.

But now you have us! See you on the other side – come in and introduce yourself!

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