Do moms always have to put their oxygen masks on first? It is really as important as oxygen?

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    1. I definitely know how that is! But, I find that I have gotten better at knowing when I really need the time and asking for it then. I also am recognizing as they grow up, there is naturally more me time!

  1. Self-care and self-love is important as a mom. I know that the balancing act is hard. I love the sense of humor you share here. 🙂

  2. I have never heard of that phrase. Kids first is my motto and we do need to teach our kids patience and to work things out for themselves but ultimately kids first.

  3. Interesting read! I don’t have kids so I honestly don’t know which way I’ll swing. It seems like there has to be a balance, sometimes you’ll pick yourself and sometimes (well, usually), you’ll pick your kids. For me, right now, it’s trying to balance myself, my work, and my husband.

  4. I am right with you there! I will put the mask on my daughter first, I would never be able to put it on myself first, I just can’t do that. She is my everything and I put her before anything else. She is the most important think in my life.
    Me time is when she is in school and I can just relax and watch my shows, when I am not working or having to to school work myself.

    1. Agreed! Until they are a little older and don’t need me, I can move the me time to fit their needs. Although, sometimes lately, I do find myself telling them that we all need some “quiet time” in the afternoons and that’s been working out well for all of us!

  5. Nice perspective on an important women’s issue. We DO tend to over do it in the giving to others and not ourselves department. Finding the balancing point, so we are always able to give our best out of a full cup, is a life long journey of self examination, maturing and spiritual growth. I’ll be interested to see what your journey brings you in self discovery that you can pass on to others.

    1. I love that you take the opportunity to pick the values to prioritize and and the times to prioritize those values. Those choices always benefit everyone!

  6. Oh, I definitely put the needs of my 3 kids first the majority of the time, they are still young (7, 3 and 3) and still need my help to do many things. But I know as they get older the more independent they become and want to do things themselves and even can help me out, which is a wonderful thing! The early years are the toughest, I think, and balance is indeed the key and it is so important to take time for yourself too 🙂

    1. Yes! I have 7 and 4, so I completely know where you are. And it is nice to watch them become ever more independent. I’m just starting to experience that feeling of a little more freedom! It’s a little bittersweet.

  7. As a mom with grown children I think it’s important to strive for balance. I see so many women that never took care of themselves until their children were older, and get to the point where they leave their families (marriages) to learn about themselves and find the ME time that they never learned to take.

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