image of two teen girls crafting outdoors

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Spoiler Alert: I don’t know about you, but I have LITERALLY seen my teen texting and playing games with the neighbor. Who is also at home! It can be tough to get our teens to communicate without their screens – or to even come out of their rooms to talk with us! Enter the idea of terrific crafts for teens! With summer coming, they’ll have more free time and they will be leaning into the screens! But I’ve curated these super fun and easy art projects and fun craft ideas for teens that they will love! I think it would be so much fun to have each teen bring the items needed for one craft and to make a day out of it!

a collage of craft ideas for teens

If you have a teen crafter, then you know how challenging it can be to find crafts that aren’t intended for the preschool set.

Finding fun crafts that are age appropriate somewhere in between toddlers and adults can be difficult. But, these DIY crafts are sure to bring out the crafty spirit in any teen! Whether you’re looking for a fun boredom buster for your kids or something they can make to sell or give to others, these craft ideas are perfect. There are so many different types of crafts ideas for teens – that it won’t be hard for your teen to find the perfect one!

Here are some really fun and easy craft ideas for teens. These will make both pretty crafts and they’re also great as DIY gifts for their friends. And if you have a budding entrepreneur, they may turn their crafting into a side hustle!

one image of a teen girl crafting outdoors and another close up image of a teen girls hands creating crafts with yarn

Everything on this list is geared toward kids ages 10 and up. But rest assured that teens and even adults will love them too. These fun craft ideas are perfect for tweens or teens looking for something engaging to do – that isn’t a screen.

From cute homemade bookmarks to friendship bracelets, there is something for everyone on this list. We’ll be using washi tape, tie dye, lip balm, duct tape, and more!

Ready, set, go!

Crafts for Teens

I hope you’ve picked one of these craft ideas for teens to inspire you, your teen, and your teen’s friends (or all of you) to get crafty and creative! Invite some friends over – make snacks – get your creative on!!

Some times, I’ll just leave out some of our favorite arts and craft supplies and let them have at it. These are some of our favorites:

Our Favorite Crafting Supplies

image of two teen girls crafting outdoors

Pick A Few Craft Ideas For Teens & Ditch the Tech for a Day

Last summer I began looking for crafts and activities to keep us from being overwhelmed by tech. I found so many great ideas across the web. And so I wanted to share my finds from that search with you too. I found art projects, science-y crafts, super fun activities, outdoor craft activities – you name it!

Check that out here: 75+ Activities and Crafts for Teens & Tweens That Won’t Get Eye Rolls, Sighs, or Grunts

I’d love to hear which craft you chose and whether you were successfully get a group of kids having fun face to face! Arts and crafts activities are a great opportunity to get teens together. Suggest that they make gifts for one another or even start a side hustle!

If you opt to use this as a chance to spend a bit of one on one time with your teen – kudos to you! But, sometimes crafts take time and planning. Other times, you’re wishing that you had a quick way to connect authentically with your teen. Without all the planning and time needed for some activities.

Grab the cheat sheet below to discover other ways of connecting with your teens – these are super quick and effective – no crafts required.

Ways to Be Present Every Day With Your Kids

Grab the Cheat Sheet!

Does spending one on one time with each of your kids feel overwhelming?

Let me help make it feel easy and simple with tons of easily actionable – do it now – ideas for quality time.

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