Can sugar affect behavior? Do you think science backs you up?

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  1. As a former elementary school teacher, I can attest to the effects that sugar has on children! I was always the teacher that the kids were disappointed to get, when they realized that I didn’t give out candy as a reward or even want it anywhere near my classroom. It was always so hard for kids to sit in my room, when they could see the other 3 teachers throwing out things like Skittles and M&Ms to their students who answered questions correctly.

    1. Every teacher we’ve ever had has always said the same. They could always tell how much sugar children ate on a regular basis, just from the behavior in class!

  2. Love this post! When I was a new mom I underestimated how much sugar would impact my boys. It didn’t take long to figure it out though. We don’t keep sugary stuff in the house often and limit treats. If they go out with friends and have the types of candy that we don’t allow I can always tell in their behavior.

    1. Thank you 🙂 I agree – I figured it out really quickly. It was easier with my first; I felt like I had a lot more control over what he ate. Now, my younger one goes with him to birthday parties and such. Sugar isn’t forbidden, but we do make sure that they understand that it’s a treat and should be treated as such.

  3. Although I’m fully aware that my son to the point where he is running sprints all over the house. I just let him have some anyways because I want him to have some enjoyment in life. I never buy candy or cookies, but sometimes I’ll bring them home from work, or he may get sugar from the juices he drinks. Either way I don’t want him to grow up not experiencing the simple things kids enjoy.

    1. I definitely agree that children should be able to experience simple enjoyments – and some of those are sweets! We all enjoy sweet treats from time to time. We aren’t completely sugar free 🙂

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