LEGOs for boys are about as ubiquitous as mom’s frustration with organizing all those fun awesome LEGOs! At our house, we love all the cool LEGO sets for building and, I’ll be honest, my boys spend hours upon hours with their LEGO ideas, creations, games, and projects. But we also love going beyond the typical LEGO sets for boys. So here is a great gift guide for boys filled with ideas that will satisfy any curious and creative guy you need a gift for! #legosforboys #giftguideforboys #giftsforboys

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  1. This is a great list, there’s so much cool stuff out there – I think I’d like to play with some of this myself! My boy is only 1, so we have a while to wait before we can move on from Duplo (which I love as well!)

  2. Wow, love this list. My son would want to play with all of this especially anything LEGOs and that blow blaster would make his day. Thanks for sharing it! Stopping by from Inspired BN on Facebook 🙂

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