Photo of three young girls playing a table top game with a Christmas tree in the background - suggestive of fun family Christmas games

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Easter Egg: This year, I was one of “those people.” I got excited about Christmas right around my birthday…at the end of September. Mock me if you will… But in my excitement, I began gathering this quirky list of Christmas games that is super kid friendly and sure to delight everyone at your holiday party.. These are fun family Christmas games that will provide years of  memorable family moments. So check out these Christmas game ideas – you’re sure to find something perfect! (I’ve even shared pretty shocking Christmas party game for adults!)

These Christmas games will fill your holiday with fun and joy! I’d love to see your whole family take a break, heat up some cider or hot chocolate, and have yourself a merry little Christmas family game night! If you want some tried and true tips for pulling together the best family game night ever, you can find them by clicking the family game night link here.

Christmas Themed Games for the Littlest Whos in Whoville

 The Zobmondo!! The Santa Claus Game, Great Christmas Board Game For Boys and Girls, Award-Winning Educational Game, Kids’ Game for Ages 3 and Up lets your children play as Santa and belt out their best “Ho Ho Ho!” Each player chooses a sleigh full of teddy bears, dolls and treats. As your children play the game they will deliver presents, sing holiday songs, and twirl like a snowflake. 3+

It’s an easy game to play! This Christmas Dominoes | A Fun Christmas Party Game - The Original and Classic Christmas Dominoes Game with Christmas Themed Pieces for a Fun-Filled Christmas Party set uses your favorite Christmas characters like Santa Claus, and Frosty the Snowman in addition to symbols like a Candy Cane, Christmas Tree, and Snow Globe! The game is easy and entertaining; all you need to do is match the Christmas images until you finish your set and you win! 3+

AQUARIUS - Peanuts Charlie Brown Christmas Memory Master Card Game is a smart and fun way to sharpen your kids’ recognition and memory skills. The game features 24 beautifully illustrated holiday themed image pairs. Let your young boys or girls try to memorize their position, then flip them over and see how many pairs they can get right! 3+

Our classic memory matching game challenges kids and parents to find matching pairs of cards, with a twist — players earn bonus points by finding the special “Take Elf” cards, which allows them to take the exclusive figure included in the game. The other cards include delightful Christmas images such as the elf building a snowman, reading a story, and sitting on a Christmas tree ornament. 3+

Bring the magic of Christmas into your home this year with these fun filled holiday games. Santa Claus GO Fish, a Christmas Card Game for Kids (GO Fish, Old Maid, and Slap Jack), Play 3 Classic Kids Games Using ONE Holiday Themed Deck, Ideally Sized for Use as Stocking Stuffers is a perfect Christmas game for kids & families, a Christmas party game, classroom party, Grandmother’s house, a twelve days of Christmas gift, reindeer games, or as stocking stuffers for kids, or a Christmas present for boys and girls. 4+

It’s Where's Waldo? Santa Spectacular, and it’s all decked out for Christmas! Snowmen, skis, toys, and other wintry images from Waldo’s previous adventures combine with unique new artwork to create a hide-and-seek holiday extravaganza. Hundreds of stickers add dimension to the hunt, while a special gatefold spread invites readers into Waldo’s world. Young seekers will adore the stickers and the “create-your-own-Waldo” activity, while longtime fans will revel in the exclusive new art and classic search-and-find format. So, finding Waldo has never been so festive! 5+

‘‘ is a smart and fun way to entertain your children and teach them about familial and social relationships, as well as the importance of looking out for those less fortunate.

All of the fun Christmas game’s pieces are beautifully illustrated with bright colors and holiday-themed characters and images you kids will love. The rules are really simple and intuitive, too! No reading required! 5+

Santa's Sleigh Ride - an Educational Christmas Board Gameis a 15-20 minute racing game for 2-6 players, ages 5+. The object of the game is to race other “Santas” throughout the world, stopping at highly populated cities along the way to deliver gifts. The first player to arrive back at the North Pole wins the game. But, watch out! Your journey along the Candy Cane Path will be filled with a few twists and turns. 5+

Photo of happy family - a grandmother and grandchildren - playing games at Christmas suggesting fun Christmas games

Holiday Game Ideas with the 6 & Up Crowd

Our most popular matching game is all decked out for the holidays! From snowmen to candy canes, each card is decorated with an assortment of festive images, perfect for holiday stocking stuffers. Between any two cards, there is always one and only one, matching image. There’s no better way to spend the holidays than playing Spot It! Holiday with your friends and family! 6+

Deck the halls with the and enjoy a new twist on the world’s most popular matching game. Friends and family can celebrate their favorite time of year while matching over 100 colorful picture cards that showcase the wonder and excitement of the holiday season. Naughty or Nice cards provide new strategy and interaction and enhance the classic Memory game play with a lot of Fa la la la, festive fun. 6+

Make your holiday gatherings more festive with the fun Christmas game that comes in a Santa sack instead of a box! The perfect holiday game for up to 10 players.

Race your reindeer around the world to see who will lead Santa’s Sleigh in the “”.

This original, classic Tis The Season Christmas Trivia Game - The Classic and Original - Featuring Christmas Trivia Cards & Questions That Make For Great Holiday Games For The Entire Family (1 Pack) has sold over 2.5 million copies worldwide! Featuring the best trivia questions from Elf, A Christmas Story, Home Alone, Nightmare Before Christmas, White Christmas, It’s a Wonderful Life, Miracle on 34th St., The Grinch, and more!

These trivia game cards give you the opportunity to learn fun holiday facts you didn’t know previously. The questions are designed to be educational and entertaining. The cards are centered around Christmas movie trivia, movie trivia, TV trivia, song trivia, world trivia, Christmas carol trivia, Christmas traditions around the world, and many more! 8+

Go! Games, Christmas Charades Board Game is the perfect holiday game to play with friends and family. Unique size allows you to bring to any party. 8+

All Aboard! Will you be the first player to the top in this ? You’ll have to avoid the Hustle Bustle, the Reindeer Crossings and the Snow Storms. A simple plan or clever strategy might get you there or you may need help from Santa himself! Thake a trip on a magic train and share the fun-fulled ride with family and friends. 8+

In, you’ve been chosen to help Charlie Brown find the true meaning of Christmas. Gather your friends in the search for the greatest Christmas tree in all the land.  Journey through an icy winter wonderland with Snoopy, Lucy, Linus, Sally and the gang, and be the first to reach Charlie Brown.  8+

NECA Christmas Story The Party Game Board Game The Movie has become a great board game gift for the holidays! You’ll find that many of these are more about nostalgia than fantastic game play – but enjoy! 8+

There’s no people like snow people. Who doesn’t love a good snowman? Late for the Sky Snowman-opolyis a winter wonderland full of them. Family fun during that chilly time of year when we’re all huddled around the hearth. Gather family and friends and let it snow.

The festive season starts here with this very special ! Play as one of six bespoke tokens, including Rudolph, a snowman and Santa himself! Travel around the board collecting your favourite things from the season of goodwill: from Santa and his reindeer, to a full festive feast, via decorating the tree and doing your Christmas shopping, no stocking would be complete with this family favourite. 8+

In Rudolph The Red-nosed Reindeer Board Game you’ve been chosen by Santa to help Rudolph(R), Hermey the Elf(TM), and Yukon Cornelius find all the lost Misfit Toys. Christmas can’t start until this courageous trio returns all the toys to the North Pole, so they can be delivered to a lucky boy or girl. Gather your friends as you all journey through an icy winter wonderland on your quest to the Island of Misfit Toys and back to ol’ Saint Nick’s workshop. Who will be the first to help Santa?.

It’s the most wonderful game of the year! Looney Labs Holiday Fluxx Card Game is filled with gifts, candy, friends and good cheer. Bring them all together and mix them up for some unforgettable memories with the game that’s never the same twice! It all begins with one basic rule: Draw one card, Play one card. As cards are drawn and played from the deck, the rules of the game change, from how many cards you get to play, to hand limits, to trading one card type for another. 8+

Christmas Game Ideas for 10 & Up

Photo of happy family - a grandmother and grandchildren - playing games at Christmas suggesting fun Christmas games

Anton Publications Holiday Charades Game | This Classic and Original Charades Game is The Perfect Addition to Your Other Holiday Games.: A christmas party isn’t complete without our original and classic Holiday Charades game. This cult classic is a favorite for all Christmas party games. So, whether you’re playing family charades, charades for kids, or charades for adults, this Holiday Charades game is sure to bring life to the party! 10+

Christmas is a great time to introduce everyone to the wacky ways of the Steve Jackson Games Munchkin Deluxe. If you’re already a player –  give it away to friends to get them hooked! Existing Munchkin players will love it because of the awesome, holiday-themed art for existing cards, as well as new card add-on packs with a whole slew of new cards!  10+

If you want all of your Christmas wishes brought by the big guy, you’ll need to make sure your letter makes it to him.  The closer you get the letter to Santa, the more likely you are to win! Love Letters: Letters to Santa (Clam Shell Edition) is a Christmas edition of the award winning Love Letter.  This simple but elegant card game is easy enough for even the youngest players, and engaging enough for adults. A great stocking-stuffer from any gamer! 10+

The Lumps Legend: Children around the world have been so good over the past few years; lumps of coal have built up at the North Pole. Puzzled by what to do with the excess coal; Santa’s elves decided to create an exciting new game that uses lumps of coal of all shapes and sizes. The game is so much fun, good little boys and girls, for the first time ever, are excited to get lumps of coal in their stocking! Lumps, the Elf Coal Game (2nd Edition)is the most addictive family dice game you’ll ever play! The goal is to score the most points in three rolls by rolling pairs of the same number. Roll a pair of 3s, score 3 points…a pair of 10s scores 10 points. What makes the game unique is that it has four different types of dice and there are few high numbers. On each turn you have to make decisions on which dice to keep and re-roll. Do you play it safe and hold a pair of 4s, or chance it and try for a high pair?

You’ll howl with fun memories with ! Use strategy to collect and match cards as you and your fellow players journey through the themed game board!  Who will be the first to complete their collection on the quest to celebrate the holidays with the Griswolds? Three fun ways to play. 12+

Christmas Trivia Game - Fun Holiday Questions Game Featuring 1200 Trivia Questions - Ages 12+ has five categories test your knowledge of carols, movies, the North Pole, traditions and stocking stuffers. It’s small enough to go anywhere, there are no complex rules or pieces. This is great family fun for everyone! 10+

Easy to play and a great Christmas game for everyone! Over 300 questions that include Christmas songs for kids, Christmas Carols & Songs Game - Includes the best and and most popular Christmas carols and songs in one great board game. Add it to your collection of Christmas party games! figures, and Christmas carol movies! Fill in the missing words, and belt out those Christmas songs as you progress through the board game. Because gameplay is designed to be progressive and quick, there is never a dull moment! 12+

Christmas Party Games for Adults

*Please note this game is not suitable for children* Have you ever wondered, “Who rules Christmas? Santa or Jesus?” Well, it’s time to decide once and for all in Santa VS Jesus The Epic Party Card Game|Adult Board Games Card Games for Christmas Holidays Party Family Games|Top 10 Best Board Games 2020|Christmas Gift for Kids Children Teens Adult ® – the hilariously EPIC Christmas party card game!

HOW DO YOU PLAY? It’s very simple. In this funny card game, players get into two teams – Team Santa and Team Jesus – and fight it out through a variety of festive themed puzzles, riddles, jigsaws, building challenges (not easy after a few Christmas sherries) and brain games to win Believers. The team with the most Believers at the end of the game are the winners! *Adults Only

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Photo of happy family - a grandmother and grandchildren - playing games at Christmas suggesting fun Christmas games