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I don’t know about you, but I had zero idea what I was getting myself into with this parenting gig. Parenting done right is hard! Not one of my babies came with a Parenting Skills 101 manual.

I want this page to inspire you, give you ideas, and show you ways to be a superhero guide for your kids instead of constantly struggling and fighting with your kids – especially those prickly tweens and teens! I’ve learned that being a guide – while letting the kids make their decisions results in self-sufficient kids who find their own motivation to do the right things.

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Building character

let me introduce the basics of intentional parenting

Gentle Parenting Doesn’t Mean The Monkeys Run The Circus

Download our simple, easy, and actionable tips in the free printables below:

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Tweens & Teens

I’m going to just put this out here. Tweens and teens are tough ladies and gents. And I’m going to tell you why – right here in a nutshell. More than ever, their growing independence is bringing all of the impact of how you were raised right to the forefront. As a certified parent coach, I’m here to hold your hand through it all.

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Tweens & Teens

10 Simple & Effective Stress Busters To Help Your Tween Conquer Stress In The Moment

Spoiler Alert: Handing stress in the moment can be challenging for all of us – and especially for our tweens and teens. The stressful moments in their lives are just beginning to amp up. We’ve all had stressful situations when we wish we had responded differently. Stress in the moment can elevate blood pressure, leave…

Tips for Modern Parents

I love the theater, art, movies, poetry, and books. I really love books. The common threads here are stories and story telling. One thing I know for sure is that story telling is one of the things that defines our humanity. We learn life lessons from stories; we entertain one another with stories; and we pass down history and culture through stories.

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My Favorite Gentle Parenting Books

Motherhood & Mothering

I’ll be honest. With my first son, I fell into homeschooling like Wile E. Coyote losing his battle with gravity. And then with my second son, it felt like the moment Wile E. gets crushed by his own boulder. Let’s just say, our homeschool wasn’t really planned.

But that’s not to say it hasn’t worked itself into a beautiful family blessing. Because it has. And I’ll share with you how we did it.

Get A Book List Tailor-Made For You Each Month!

So, research and reading are a couple of my super powers. I spend hours, days, and even weeks curating my book lists for you. There are no crappy schmappy books on any of my lists. I have either personally read or added to my “to be read” list every single book that I will ever suggest for you.

Skip the hours of searching for a good book only to start book after book – but never finishing one. That’s a recipe for failure, my friend. Reading aloud with your kids – no matter their age – is a great way to foster connection and spend a bit of one on one time with each child every day. Let me get you some of the best book selections out there!