Intentional Parenting

Gentle Parenting

I don’t know about you, but I had zero idea what I was getting myself into with this parenting gig. Parenting done right is hard! Not one of my babies came with a Parenting Skills 101 manual.

I want this page to inspire you, give you ideas, and show you ways to be a superhero guide for your kids instead of constantly struggling and fighting with your kids – especially those prickly tweens and teens! I’ve learned that being a guide – while letting the kids make their decisions results in self-sufficient kids who find their own motivation to do the right things.

let me introduce the basics of intentional parenting

Gentle Parenting Doesn’t Mean The Kids Run The Show

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Tweens & Teens

I’m going to just put this out here. Tweens and teens are tough ladies and gents. And I’m going to tell you why – right here in a nutshell. More than ever, their growing independence is bringing all of the impact of how you were raised right to the forefront. As a certified parent coach, I’m here to hold your hand through it all.

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Tweens and Teens

10 Simple & Effective Stress Busters To Help Your Tween Conquer Stress In The Moment

Spoiler Alert: Handing stress in the moment can be challenging for all of us – and especially for our tweens and teens. The stressful moments in their lives are just beginning to amp up. We’ve all had stressful situations when we wish we had responded differently. Stress in the moment can elevate blood pressure, leave…

Behaviors & Discipline

I radically changed my idea about so called “bad behavior” and my response to it when I heard the quote, “They aren’t giving you a hard time, they are having a hard time.”

I’m here to guide you through the process of discovering why your kids are having a hard time and help you learn the best responses – all while you nurture the deep bond you already have with your child.

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Child Behaviors and Discipline

Your Kids Won’t Listen? Try This One Amazing Tip To Improve Their Listening Skills!

Spoiler alert: Reading aloud to children is one of the most effective activities to help kids improve listening skills. Listening skills are among the four pillars of language skills, in addition to reading, writing, and speaking. Today, teaching active listening skills is important all the way through  middle school to ensure that kids are always…

My Favorite Gentle Parenting Books

The Under 10 Crowd

Children under ten are such sponges! Even if we don’t recognize it, they are soaking up our every word, thought, and action.

Science knows that children learn best through play. So I spend a lot of time reading and playing games with my boys at this age. That’s not to say there aren’t lessons to be taught in other ways throughout these years, but many are best demonstrated through play and joy, and by nurturing our deep connection with one another. Let me show you how…

Get A Book List Tailor-Made For You Each Month!

So, research and reading are a couple of my super powers. I spend hours, days, and even weeks curating my book lists for you. There are no crappy schmappy books on any of my lists. I have either personally read or added to my “to be read” list every single book that I will ever suggest for you.

Skip the hours of searching for a good book only to start book after book – but never finishing one. That’s a recipe for failure, my friend. Reading aloud with your kids – no matter their age – is a great way to foster connection and spend a bit of one on one time with each child every day. Let me get you some of the best book selections out there!

let’s get started!

Building Character

Y’all. I’ll be honest. When I gaze out into the world, I look for people with strong character. And I don’t see as many as I would like to. I believe that it’s vital for us as parents to intentionally teach our children what good character looks like. A strong character reflects core values and motivations for our actions. I think of people with strong character as having traits such as integrity, honesty, courage, loyalty, and fortitude. 

It’s up to you to determine your family’s most cherished values – so I’m not here to tell anyone what you should value. But teaching children to honestly own and display those values with integrity and courage, among other things, is what I can help you with…