Goodbye sugar! The break up can be hard. The mourning and withdrawal after the breakup even harder. But this cloud definitely has a silver lining...

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  1. Karen you are so, so right. I was eating a paleo diet last year for a couple months and the initial hump was hard but then I promise I did not even crave sugar! Which was really weird for me. But once you start giving in a little…ok a lot…your body develops that taste for it again. Your articles are great! Thanks for the encouragement!

  2. My husband and I gave up sugar and artifical sweeteners, and we have felt SO much better. I no longer have the ravenous hunger in between eating. I no longer desire to binge. It’s amazing the difference we’ve felt. Believe me, I LOVE sugar, but the way I feel makes it totally worth not going back. Thanks for this post!

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