As our children grow up, it gets harder to find ideas and activities to foster strong family connections. But this idea for a family meeting that parents can use to build a strong family connection that lasts and lasts! #familyconnection #familymeeting

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  1. Thank you so much for sharing this, I’m passing along your links to my daughters who are forever complaining about mornings. I remember back when my kids were small and at home and it was hectic on most days. I think having a family meeting is a great way to get the family on the same page to make things run smoother.

    1. I hope that this helps! We’ll be having more regular meetings – even when there isn’t a “troubling issue” to hopefully make the overall tone of meetings positive!

  2. My family and I rarely had family meetings but I feel like they would have been more efficient if we had them more frequently. Morning were always a headache..especially in middle school because everyone would be getting ready for class/work at one time. I like that you were able to set ground rules..I’m going to look into that book when I have kids. I’m terrified of how things will be! Haha.

  3. I do not have kids yet but I remember when we used to visit my cousins house, in the morning it was a nightmare or shall i say fire drill of chaos whereas with my parents well let’s just say mother nipped it in the bud yes before we knew what misbehaving meant lol.

    1. Here, the boys always mean well. Our biggest problem was distractions getting all of us off task before the necessary things got finished!

  4. I love the idea of this!! Keeping lines of communication open in a family is very important but hard to do with kids. I hope your mornings stay smoother I remember how crazy those were when I was younger!

  5. I have often found with family, and life in general if all expectations and goals are discussed prior, it mitigates disaster. Easier said than done sometimes, but effective when used! I’m glad your mornings have gotten easier, makes for a happier day 🙂

    1. I agree with reaping the benefits of work done prior to any sort of disaster! I have always parented by thinking that it was easier to “nip something in the bud” rather than try to alter established behaviors!

  6. I do have to say with a family routine, you really have to evaluate and see what works for your family, what makes things come to a screeching halt, and what is something that just won’t work. Different things for every family. We definitely do family meetings

  7. I adore the idea of family meetings! Currently, the only attendees at one in our house would consist of myself, the hubs, and our dog…who is overly opinionated as it is. LOL. On a serious note, I think it’s great that the meetings have worked out so well for your family, and that the boys are getting to enjoy the rewards of following the rules that they themselves made up!

  8. I’m a former school counselor and I think this is such a good idea. Families get busy and having this regular meeting to discuss, connect and make kids (and parents) feel they have a time and place to discuss issues is so important.

    1. I really agree. For my boys, one of the great secrets to cooperation is to have them participate in making the “rules” or creating the process!

  9. Family meeting and regularly communicating with your family are the best way to go — thanks for the reminder!

  10. We have a family meeting but I would like for it to occur much more often now that our daughter is getting older and there are more ‘issues’ and adolescent growing pains to experience.

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