How To Be The Happy, Balanced Mama You Know You Are {Plus FREE Printable}

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Every day, I have the power to make choices for myself and my family. Some days, I stick the landing like Gabby Douglas and make all the right choices like a happy balanced mama. Other days I feel wildly out of balance and like I’m failing everyone with my choices. And some days, I rock back and forth on an “I’m awesome / I failed” teeter-totter.

Ever been frustrated that you don't feel like the awesome balanced mama you know you can be? Here's everything you need to know about showing the world the awesome mom you already are!

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The truth is, I know what to do – stay positive, take care of myself and fill my cup, and don’t let myself get overwhelmed. Blah, blah, blah.

I feel like they just become words that I don’t always know how to live by. So doing all these things at once can be the tricky part. So what do I know or do on those days when I am the happy, balanced mama? And what can I learn from those days to help me be a happy, balanced mama the rest of the time? Here are three things I’m great at on the happy, balanced mama days and that I need more of on the teeter-totter days:

A Balanced Mama Knows How To Get Rid of Negativity

My boys and I share an amazing connection. I can read their minds and finish their sentences. But as we all know, with that amazing connection comes “the Vulcan mind meld.” What I mean by that is that our frame of mind is contagious when we are super connected with our kids. So if I’m feeling overwhelmed, at least one of the boys is going to pick up on it and struggle.

But here’s the kicker. When my boys are feeling negativity, it can transfer to me. Some days, I can only take so many negative thoughts from the boys before the negativity engulfs me. And then we all snowball. Not. Pretty. Run away. Run away faster.

So I need tips to learn how to get rid of negativity.

A Balanced Mama Knows How To Fill Her Cup

Ok. Honest confession time. I’m not sure I know what this means. I’ve always needed help in this area. As women, aren’t we all taught to give and give and give? As a midlife mama, nobody taught me to fill my cup, or even what that meant. My mother gave everything of herself every day until there was nothing left.

Now, we need to feel that we deserve to have our cups filled and we need to know how to fill those cups.

A Balanced Mama Knows How To Overcome the Overwhelm

Overcoming the overwhelm of motherhood has been an on-going process of trial and error for me. Just when I nailed the overwhelm of sleepless nights, laundry, and tantrums, then came the overwhelm of LEGOs, ninjas sneaking around stealthily, and the crafting of weapons out of otherwise harmless household objects. Our babies – they grow and morph right before our eyes. And it’s amazing to watch and humbling to be a part of.

But the situations that overwhelm us morph also and sometimes it’s hard to keep up, so we need to learn how to stay ahead of the feeling of being overwhelmed.

A Balanced Mama Knows How & When to Ask for Help

So we know what to do but we don’t always know how to do it. My friend, Amanda, is a children’s mental health therapist. And you know what? She struggles sometimes just like we do. But because she’s struggled and come out the other side, she decided to create an amazing course to share with other moms just like us when we need help.

Are you ready to be the happy balanced mama you know you can be?

Are you ready to get rid of the guilt and negativity so you can be happy and present with your kids more often?

Would you love to say “yes” to things that matter and “no” to those that don’t make the cut?

Ever been frustrated that you don't feel like the awesome balanced mama you know you can be? Here's everything you need to know about showing the world the awesome mom you already are!

Welcome to the course – Mama’s Best Self! Mama’s Best Self gives you:

  • 12 lessons that you can go through at your own pace;
  • Proven methods to reduce negativity;
  • Tips and tricks for filling  your cup – even if you don’t think you have the time;
  • Tried and true solutions for the overwhelming times;
  • Her support and knowledge to build a self-care plan that works for you;
  • LIFETIME access to the course – including any additions or updates;
  • Her expertise, training, and experience as a Mental Heath Therapist and a mother who’s been through it and come out the other end!


One fabulous way I know Amanda “gets it,” is that she created three unique levels of help for this course and you can choose whichever level you feel best suits your needs. At various levels, in addition to the course basics, you can opt for:

  • A workbook;
  • A private Facebook group for added support;
  • Access to Amanda personally in her Facebook group to ask questions;
  • 3 LIVE chats with Amanda; (yes – that’s for real!!!)
  • A free copy of “How to Be a Happy Mom” ebook;
  • A 10% discount on Amanda’s signature course: Mama’s Anger Management.

Registration is only open until Nov 28th – so don’t wait!


Whether you’re interested in the course or not, it’s always a relief to have really quick tips up my sleeve to help me calm down. You Can Get Your Free PRINTABLE to keep in your purse or on your fridge – anywhere you need it. Print it out as many times as you need.

Click here for 50 Free Quick Calm Down Tips that you can use anywhere.

If you haven’t joined The Midlife Mamas for Amanda’s FREE 7 Day “Banish the Mom Funk” Challenge, it’s not too late! And if you join the Challenge, hop on into our Facebook group and ask to join!


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