I love my strong willed child. But raising, teaching, and otherwise parenting a strong willed child can pose some, a-hem...shall we say...challenges. I love this tip for responding to the strong emotions of your child! It worked for us!! #strongwilledchild #strongwilled #parenting #parentingtips www.themidlifemamas.com

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  1. Very interesting idea! I find that my son is more likely to respond if I acknowledge what he wants. I like the idea of making the intensity.

  2. I struggle with finding the balance all the time. Yelling doesn’t seem to work of course, but great point about meeting your child’s anger with an equivalent intensity so it resonates.

  3. I see how this would work but I have twin girls and they really make it difficult to attend to singular needs whilst keeping both kids happy. They are chalk and cheese but very jeleous of each other especially when it comes to getting my attention.
    Any advice for twin behaviour problems? They are coming up for 7 years old.

    1. Oh mama! Twins – both extra exciting and extra challenging!! I don’t have twins – but my boys are 9 and 6 (7 in a couple of days). I immediately recognize when either one feels that they are either getting enough of my attention or not getting enough of my attention. It’s immediately reflected in their behavior as well as their relationship with one another. This has been especially challenging for me lately as I recently began to homeschool one son, and not the other. So what I do is make sure that I get one on one time with my son who needs me more at the moment. I know you’ve probably heard this before – but… Remember that it doesn’t have to be super elaborate or time consuming. For example, my youngest has a wicked sense of humor and loves to laugh. So the more “quick” one on one moments we can have where one of us makes the other laugh – it’s a great connection moment. I’ve also taken to reading with one or the other each evening – and we have a special story. So each one gets special reading time at night that’s individual. I hope this helps!

  4. My daughter seems in it for the long haul, though. I try so hard to remain calm but by hour two of her meltdown I end up losing it. It’s like a power struggle to her and she wins when Mom and Dad start yelling. She’s four but she’s been fighting battles of the will since six months old and I’m so tired. I’m terrified of what her teen years will be like.

    1. Hugs, mama! Hour 2 is enough to make us all lose our minds! You might want to try this kind of response. Sometimes, children who “win” when a parent gives an intense response, may be looking for or may need a response that is equally intense to their big feelings so that they can process the response. Hugs and best wishes!

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