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Less Sugar Can Make Life Better

Today I want to elaborate on something I touched on in Goodbye Sugar, It’s Not Me. It’s You. I mentioned opening yourself up to the possibility that life after your sugar breakup might be, dare I say it, better. Having courage to take a big step…

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Courage or comfort? Think about it. If you want less sugar and to become healthier, you will have to have courage because it may not be comfortable.

I’m a pessimist by nature. I admit it’s not my favorite quality about myself. Whenever I hear about change to come, I’m certain that what will follow will be worse. I have to intentionally turn on my “optimist” brain and say, “Wait! But what if it’s better? What if what comes next is better? It could be. There’s really no reason it couldn’t. It’s likely 50/50 odds that it could be better. So why did I automatically assume it would be worse?” I seriously have that manic conversation running through my mind in a matter of seconds.

Word on the Street: Less Sugar is Better!

I wanted to share with you today some quotes from some friends of mine about their lives with less sugar and I hope that they will inspire you to know that getting to the other side and consuming less sugar really may be worth it!

We eliminated processed sugar from our diet because of autoimmune issues. It took about 3 weeks for our bodies to adjust, but we’ve lost weight, my face stopped breaking out, and I have SO much energy!! – Breanna Gunn from Brea Getting Fit

We are currently (and have been for the last 6 weeks or so) working on cutting down on the amount of sugar AND dairy both our kids eat. My two biggest motivators – 1) the fact that my youngest tested slightly positive to a milk allergy during a endoscopy (and it causes all sorts of belly pain) and 2) my oldest has chronic sinusitis and we are are exhausting all options. Her chiropractor (also something new) suggested we limit dairy and sugar since both cause an inflammatory process in the body. I wasn’t sure it was working (or the chiro) but after finishing up a week in disney without a chiropractor AND with too much sugar and dairy, she is sick for the first time in weeks. So we are back at it today!  – Hillary Cole from The Cole Mines

 I have severely reduced my sugar intake this year and am very pleased with the difference in how I feel and how much less irritable I am in general. Definitely recommend it! I would go all sugar free, except that I haven’t learned to appreciate the taste of coffee black – yet. – Katie Hornor from

While trying to reduce sugar intake for my family, I started with comfort recipes and made them with a little less sugar each time. It is amazing how much you can cut back without changing the basic taste. Don’t be afraid to experiment or try a new recipe that uses unsweetened applesauce. A slow back off was easier than cutting it all out at once. Also, check the sugar in your yogurt! That woman standing in the dairy aisle reading all the yogurt is me! – Cindy Hallman, wife and mother

We drank sodas and ate processed stuff as kids and decided not to introduce the stuff for our own kids. When you choose not to have the “stuff” in your house you limit your ability to consume and soon it is part of your lifestyle to not consume and to enjoy the natural flavor of unprocessed food. Our attitude towards sweets (it’s inevitable at parties) has been to go ahead and try them, no attempt to limit or “bad talk” the sweets. To this day, my four year-old will take about 2 bites of a cupcake and feel she is done. Last party she attended, she opted not to have a cupcake. All about your attitude and how you model your use of food in your household. Katrina Todd, wife and mother

Courage or comfort? Think about it. If you want less sugar and to become healthier, you will have to have courage because it may not be comfortable. #courageorcomfort #courage #comfort #write31days #annihilatesugar #sugar #sugaraddict #sugaraddiction
You can choose courage or you can choose comfort but you cannot have both. – Brenee Brown

So to all the other pessimists out there, I feel ya! But take a deep breath and imagine that after you cross the ravine to eating less sugar, you might feel pretty terrific! I seem to be reading a lot of Brenee Brown quotes these days. One of my favorites is “You can choose courage or you can choose comfort, but you cannot have both.” That is really true when you want to change your health and eat less sugar – you will have to choose courage and step outside of your comfort zone. But you can do it. I know you can!

Information, Knowledge, Understanding, Tips, Hacks, Tricks - You'll get it all over the next 31 days. Kick your sugar addiction to the curb! #sugaraddiction #write31days #sugarhabit #sugar
Information, Knowledge, Understanding, Tips, Hacks, Tricks – You’ll get it all over the next 31 days. Kick your sugar addiction to the curb!


Think about a time in your life when you chose courage instead of comfort. How did it turn out? Can you use that situation to inspire you now to eat less sugar?


Choose courage TODAY! Try to cut out added sugar at one meal today! Tomorrow, I’ll talk about what’s left to put on your plate if you’ve decided to eat less sugar.

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