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My First Time Trying Essential Oils – They Work!

Before December 2014, I felt like so many mothers out there. I was doing everything I knew to keep my family healthy and maintain our typically strong immune systems, especially through the impending season of yuck. And it wasn’t working as well as I would have liked. I felt like my boys’ immune systems were constantly “a day late and a dollar short.” I was personally exhausted from my immune system always trying to play catch up. When it came to keeping my family healthy – I was failing. Somebody was always home from school making me miss my three precious hours of “me” time that I get three days a week. Confession: I even thought to myself: “I know you’re sick, sniffly, coughing up a lung, whatever…but, I’m pretty sure you can make it through three hours of preschool. Can’t you???? Mommy needs a minute!!!!”

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You can start your essential oil journey with your choice of three Premium Starter Kits that Young Living has put together. Essential oils are nature's way of providing us with the ability to maintain our body's natural health and wellness!
Young Living’s Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils Changed Our Family’s Health – One Drop at a Time.

So when we caught a break – and everyone’s immune system was functioning really well – we chose to start give our immune systems all of the support that we possibly could – by using essential oils on a regular basis. I chose Young Living essential oils over other oils based upon the fact that they are 100% pure therapeutic grade oils.  Do not pass go.  Do not collect $200.  That’s it.  Just 100% pure essential oil.  Young Living’s unique Seed to Seal guarantee put me at ease that my family is receiving the very best quality attainable.  Yours can too.  Young Living’s five step process – seed, cultivate, distill, test, and seal is meticulously monitored and tested both by Young Living’s internal experts and outside third parties to guarantee the very highest quality.

Find your highest wellness with essential oils! #essentialoils
Essential Oils are Powerful and Perfectly Designed to Help Our Bodies Achieve and Maintain Optimal Health and Wellness

I learned that the history of essential oils and their many uses for health and wellness are documented at least as far back as 5,000 years ago.  Modern uses include aromatherapy, cleaning products, beauty care and support of our bodies’ natural systems. How do I figure out what to buy? Where do I start?  Well, generally my approach is – find an expert to help me figure out things that I don’t know anything about yet.  Young Living and Dr. Gary Young are experts – check! So I decided to take advantage of the fact that Young Living did all of the hard work for me!!!  Young Living put it all together in their Premium Starter Kit (PSK).

Young Living's Brand New Premium Starter Kit is truly premium!! The brand new Essential Oil Premium Starter Kit includes your choice of diffusers, 10 of the most popular everyday essential oils, one bonus oil, and LOT of samples and materials for trying, learning, and sharing!
Young Living’s Brand New Most Amazing Premium Starter Kit Ever for Essential Oils!

The Premium Starter Kit included everything I needed to get started actually using my essential oils! Once I got my beautiful Premium Starter Kit – I immediately started to find out just what the essential oils inside those tiny bottles could do!  Need to support your body’s natural ability to fight off illness – the immune system? Thieves, RC, Purification, and Frankincense actively support normal immune function!  Tough day that didn’t go anything like you thought it would?  Got you covered – a drop of Stress Away!  Does your day occasionally give you discomfort in your head or neck? Peppermint can help!  Did that workout give you a sore muscle or two (or twenty-seven)? Smooth on a little Pan Away or Copaiba.  After the workout, maybe you overdid it a little at dinner? DiGize is terrific for supporting healthy digestion. A couple of drops of Lemon in your water tastes amazing and can lift your spirits.  Finally, as you settle in for the night, you can us Lavender for occasional sleeplessness and to promote restful sleep. Cue the hallelujah chorus here! But wait – I’ll tell you the best part:

I saved more than $100 over the retail prices by signing up with a Premium Starter Kit – a great deal by itself. But…my sponsor threw in all kinds of great freebies to help me learn how to use my oils. All of this was over a $300 retail value – and I got it for $160!  This was a fabulous deal for my experiment!!!  If I was going to try this “snake oil” out, I needed a good sampling of what people were commonly using; reference, education, and training materials; and a great deal.  Young Living experts did all of the work for me and put all of this together in a beautiful Premium Starter Kit and my sponsor spent her commission giving me extras to learn how to use my oils!


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