Middle School is Tough Stuff…

Raise Your Hand If Any Of This Sounds Familiar…

My eleven-year-old won’t talk to me.

We ask open-ended questions. And still we get, “meh” or “I don’t know.”

My ten-year-old doesn’t want to spend time with the family.

So how are we supposed to know what’s going on with him?

She always wants to stay up in her room.

She wants more “alone” time. She wants her “privacy.” What is she doing up there?????

I don’t know his friends anymore.

How am I supposed to know if he’s hanging out with a good crowd of kids?

All she wants to do is text with her friends.

But who are they and what are they talking about? Are they looking at something dangerous on the internet?

Here Are A Few Things You May Not Know


70% of our middle school students today report feeling “stressed out”

This means we need to help our kids manage the overwhelm and frustration they experience so that they can flourish. (cite)


Approximately 10% of our children ages 3-17 have diagnosed anxiety, depression, or both

Think about it. This means somebody in your kid’s circle of friends. At least one. Children in your neighborhood. Children in your child’s class. One out of ten. And these are the reported / diagnosed cases. (cite)


On average, 1 tween commits suicide every 5 days

“Young kids may attempt to harm themselves for different reasons than teens. Most of the time, bad relationships between family or friends provoke kids to hurt themselves.” (cite)

what if I said I can help you…

  • Peek into your tween’s fiercely guarded private world
  • Strengthen your child’s empathy for other viewpoints
  • Guide your tween through their own personal growth
  • Teach them self reflection
  • Share your values without getting eye-rolls

And then what if I said…

  • This will be fun
  • You can introduce your tween to ideas that they need to become able to “tolerate”
  • You won’t have to preach, judge, or nag
  • The whole family can do this together
  • You can teach your tween self-reflection
  • You will strengthen your connection with your tween
  • This will not drive your tween away

would you be interested?


45+ Ethical Dilemma

Conversation Starters for Tweens

The fun way to start serious conversations!

These conversation cards serve three important purposes:

For Parents

  • Insight into your tween’s life
  • Help guiding tweens through imagined social situations before they find themselves in those situations in real life

For Tweens

  • Insight into social situations they will likely encounter
  • Increased “tolerance” for processing those situations with logic and reason instead of impulsivity and emotion

For tweens & Parents

  • Connection in a fun and insightful way
  • Reassurance that even difficult topics are open for conversation in a safe way with family members

What would life look like if you weren’t always worried about what was happening in your tween’s life?

I designed these cards to give you ninja-like skills to discover what may be bothering your tween or to just uncover more of what is happening in their world.

You’ll have a much better understanding of everything that your tween struggles with after having just one of these conversations.

What would it look like if, at any time, you could pull out these cards and discuss over 45 situations your tween (or later on your teen) will likely encounter?

That’s where I’ve got your back with 45+ Ethical Dilemma Card for Tweens.

These conversation starters are 45+ gorgeous cards to use any time you want – at dinner, in the car (always good to talk about tough topics by not requiring eye contact), while eating breakfast, whenever you take the time to have a juicy conversation and you could use a bit of backup.

These cards are tools to help you broaden your child’s tolerance for discussing issues that can be cringy, worrisome, frightening, or just plain tough to talk about (for you OR them).

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