Are you looking for tips or wondering what to do when you are feeling overwhelmed by mom life? This one thing will give you all the encouragement and inspiration to turn your own overwhelmed feelings around! PRONTO! #overwhelmed #feelingoverwhelmed

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  1. This was so beautiful. I love those moments when childhood joys stop us in our busy adult tracks. I had this happen to me several years ago, and I happened to write about it on my blog this week. A lot of people must need a ‘joy reminder’ during hard times right now. 🙂 Thanks for this lovely vignette.

  2. Like the rest of the ladies are saying, that is so sweet. I never even thought about the Fairy Houses and how they would seem all hidden in the woods. Our community center does this often and I have not attended, and look what I was missing. This makes me want to volunteer and help with this next time. So inspiring. And Great Idea about Starbucks!

  3. hahaha I knew I wasn’t the only one to furnish all meals for a day from Starbucks! 😛 That is so adorable, what a wonderful day morning with your little. Often it is so hard to separate from the hecticness of the everyday.

  4. Aren’t these moments all the more special when they are unexpected? They have so much impact when we are having an over-stress, over-stimulated-overly-frustrating day. Then out of the blue our children’s love, and joy and excitement shines out of their gorgeous eyes and through their jumping and hugging and sharing. Wow! The biggest, best feeling ever! And the frustrations just melt away. It sounds like a fun, magical day!!!

    1. Thank you so much! I just checked out your page – and what’s not to love about somebody bringing glamour to health and wellness! I’ve followed you everywhere 🙂

  5. There are woods near us that have fairy doors in the trees. My kids love it but I’m sure they’ll find it boring before I know it. You’ve inspired me to go there next chance we get!

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