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50+ Summer Activities Inspired By Books That Your Children Will Adore

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Spoiler Alert: Looking for some fun summer activities for kids? I’ve got you covered for elementary age kids – and it gets better! Each activity is inspired by some of everyone’s favorite books! This list of summer activities inspired by books has something for everyone – STEAM activities, outdoor activities, math, STEM, even literacy and writing! There’s so much that we can get from the books we read – just take a look!

young girl and boy exploring a model of a flower - learning science as inspired by some of their favorite books

Have you ever loved a book so much that you were left wanting more? And did that ever happen in the summer time when kids are about to be all “mom, I’m boooooooored!!!”

These summer activities inspired by books are the perfect summer boredom buster! If you’ve wanted a more profound learning experience for your kids after reading a story but you didn’t know where to start, I’ve got you covered.

There are many books out there that can be extended beyond reading them. Doing a fun activity paired with a good book is a great way to keep your child engaged in learning.

After you read the book together, these summer activities inspired by books can help your child with comprehension as well. Continue reading to discover all of these fun books that also have an activity included.

two images of children engaged in science projects inspired by books that they have read and enjoyed
collage of various science projects - hands on steam and stem projects inspired by children's literature

Resources For Your Own Ocean Study!

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If you’re looking for a summer activity that’s fun for kids, read a terrific story. Then follow it up by an activity inspired by the book is a great idea. You just can’t go wrong with reading to a child and then having a really fun activity that builds upon that story and deepens their learning experience.

Did you notice how I haven’t mentioned “the summer slide” in this post once? It’s because I really dislike the idea that kids are supposed to just continue working through the summer at the same pace they work during the year. But, if it’s something hands-on and super fun like any one of these summer activities inspired by books, the kids won’t even notice that they learned (or retained) something!

Here’s an idea – pick a book to read during the week and then have some friends over. Many of these are picture books, so they can easily be read during the week! Let your children tell the friends about the story you read during the week and then let everybody participate in the activity inspired by the book!

And this could be the most fun activity of all – chose one of our favorite books that takes place in summer (listed below ??) to read aloud by a very summery place like the pool, the beach, or just outside under the shade of a beautiful tree!

Great Books About Summer

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Looking for More Activities?

These are some of the most fun, highly curated activities from around the web – enjoy!

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