Thank You!

I’m really happy for you! You made the decision to take the first step toward creating a bit more connection and happiness within your family.

I get it – we all need a bit of a helping hand sometimes, and I’m glad that I could be here to offer you one.

I know you are going to ❤️ LOVE ❤️ what you’re getting:

  • First, you’ll get a list of ideas to incorporate each week that will give you the most precious gift of all – time! *Bonus, a lot of these are just downright “feel good” kinda things;
  • Next, you’ll get an amazing list of quick ways to connect with your kids each day – some take fewer than five minutes; and
  • THIS is my absolute favorite. I’ve done all the research for you and compiled a long list of phone numbers and websites to stop the junk mail, the bothersome calls, get rid of that box of old papers, or just automate tasks that stress you out. It’s all here – just make a call and get rid of so many things that overwhelm you!

Now, I’ve got something absolutely special for you. How many times have you agreed to something you didn’t have the interest, the time, or the energy to do because you “don’t know why,” you “just said yes.”

Or this. This has happened to me so many times! You can hear the word “yes” leaving your mouth in slow motion. And while you desperately want to pull it back in, it’s already out there and you feel trapped.

I can help you say, “no” without the guilt.