What role does nutrition play in child obesity? What about foods for children that we consider to be healthy? Are they actually harming our children? Dooming them to a shorter and less healthy life? www.themidlifemamas.com

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Proteins, vegetables, and fruits are all key to stop sugar cravings, but what else can help stop sugar cravings? There’s one more piece to the puzzle. Something that we’ve been told not to eat for decades. As we’ve cut this out, we’ve increased our sugar and carbohydrate intake and become more and more unhealthy as a nation. (source) And it’s made it almost impossible to stop sugar cravings… What is it?

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What role does nutrition play in child obesity? What about foods for children that we consider to be healthy? Are they actually harming our children? Dooming them to a shorter and less healthy life? www.themidlifemamas.com

I’m talking about healthy fats. Healthy fats work with other whole foods to help stop sugar cravings!

Why Do Healthy Fats Stop Sugar Cravings?

The right fats are not only important to health; they stabilize appetite and control cravings. Fats help slow the release of sugar from foods into blood, controlling blood sugar levels and insulin, thus preventing hunger and sugar cravings triggered by low blood sugar. Furthermore fats stimulate satiety hormones and neurochemicals in the brain and digestive tract. One such hormone, called cholecystokinin (CCK), triggers the release of bile and enzymes for digestion. It also suppresses hunger.

Healthy, craving-control fats include olive oil, butter, as well as, nuts, cheese, and avocado. (source)

What Fats Are Healthy Fats?

I want to make sure that you know that saturated fat is now known not to cause cardiovascular disease.

Fat is not the enemy when it comes to cardiovascular disease, weight gain, brain health, and so many other issues. It turns out that sugar — in all its many guises — is the real culprit for making you fat. What it also means is that because sugar causes inflammation throughout the body, it increases your risk of cardiovascular disease — and just about everything else! (source)

But the tide is very slowly starting to turn. Prominent journals and scientists are beginning to speak out on saturated fat’s benefits, and, after government scientists reviewed 16,000 studies on diet and obesity, Sweden recently became the first Western country to advocate a high-fat diet to its citizens. (source)

So, now that we’ve gotten rid of that myth, which fats are considered healthy fats and which fats you should be eating? Healthy saturated fats can be found in natural, grass-fed, meats; coconuts; and avocados.

Monounsaturated fats are healthy as well – if not heated. Monounsaturated fats can be found in oils like olive, sunflower, sesame, flax, peanut, safflower, etc.

Omega-3 essential fatty acids are found in fish, nuts, and certain types of algae. They are essential because our bodies cannot produce them. Our bodies need both Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids. But typically, we are deficient in Omega-3 fatty acids and consume too many Omega-6 fatty acids.

What Fats Are Unhealthy Fats?

Vegetable oils and margarine are the fats to be avoided.

Vegetable oils are manufactured in a factory, usually from genetically modified crops that have been heavily treated with pesticides. This article has fascinating videos contrasting the production of vegetable oils and butter.

…Canola oil was developed by making a hybrid version of the rapeseed, and it was given its name in the 1980s as part of a marketing effort organized by a conference on mono-saturates.

Rapeseed oil contains high amounts of the toxic erucic acid, which is poisonous to the body. Canola oil is an altered version, also called Low Erucic Acid Rapeseed (LEAR) and it is commonly genetically modified and treated with high levels of pesticides.

Canola (modified rapeseed oil) is produced by heating the rapeseed and processing with a petroleum solvent to extract the oil. Then another process of heat and addition of acid is used to remove nasty solids (wax) that occur during the first processing.

At this point, the newly created canola oil must be treated with more chemicals to improve color and separate the different parts of the oil. Finally, since the chemical process has created a harsh smelling oil, it must be chemically deodorized to be palatable. (source)

A wide variety of healthy fats can help stop sugar cravings. But which fats are healthy fats? www.themidlifemamas.com #healthyfats #write31days #sugar #sugaraddiction #sugaraddict #healthyfats

So – now you’ve got it. This is what you should replace that sugar with to stop sugar cravings: healthy fats, proteins, vegetables, and fruits. TIt’s really that simple. Simple, yes? Easy, not always.

There are infinite ways to add in  healthy fats routinely. Cooking with healthy fats; the key is not to raise on oil above its smoke point. Here’s a terrific chart to keep on hand identifying the smoke point of various oils.

Flax and chia seeds can easily be tossed into smoothies or warm cereals in the morning. Nuts and seeds work well in salads or cereals. Vary the oils that you use in cooking – making sure that they are healthy oils. And here are two bonuses: a cilantro pesto recipe with nuts and seeds and a guacamole recipe. Cilantro pesto is fast, easy and versatile enough to use regularly. And guacamole is just a wonderful treat any time!

Information, Knowledge, Understanding, Tips, Hacks, Tricks - You'll get it all over the next 31 days. Kick your sugar addiction to the curb! www.themidlifemamas.com #sugaraddiction #write31days #sugarhabit #sugar
Information, Knowledge, Understanding, Tips, Hacks, Tricks – You’ll get it all over the next 31 days. Kick your sugar addiction to the curb!


Do you have a favorite food that contains healthy fats? If not, look over some lists of foods with healthy fats and choose one to try!


Prepare something at dinner tonight utilizing healthy fats! Bonus points if it’s my cilantro pesto recipe with nuts and seeds!

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