This is the ultimate gift guide for young boys - 3-6 years old. Sometimes they get stuck on one thing and forget how many other things they enjoy! This is the ultimate list to have Santa help them find some variety!

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  1. Our grandson is 5 so I love your suggestions. Our little man wanted a Transformer and a karaoke machine. Great for his all boy side and our budding musician. 🙂

    1. Travel was how I first found these – I gave each boy a small travel sized set for a really long road trip that we took. They were so beautifully designed and came in a really nice felt pouch. They loved them and they were really luxurious and perfect for the trip! So we’ve added on a few more 🙂

  2. We love many of the suggestions on this list. Our favorites are the LEGO set and the Spot It game. Great gift guide!

  3. I just bought that easel for my almost three year old daughter! Glad it is on the list! My soon to be one son will get building blocks like the first one. I love how they can do anything with it!

  4. My 6 year old also has Lego on his brain. While Santa is bringing a Lego Technic set, my husband and I are gifting an Eezy Peezy Jungle gym that looks like the play center you mentioned.
    Such great ideas, Karen. Thank you.

  5. This is such a great range of ideas. From building to search and find games, I really love your suggestions. I feel like they are fun and educational.

  6. These are such fun ideas! I like how you built on your sons love for Legos, and gave him more options for building. I also used to love creative projects as a kid, and would have enjoyed the crafts. We still give each other games at Christmas, and usually end up opening them the same day! It makes for another fun holiday memory.

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