Are you wondering what is middle age? Is it a number or is middle age something that you can successfully navigate?

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  1. All that you say is true, and if you truly would like to know more about midlife and my experience (I’m now 62) please read my books. I have been studying this from all angles for the past ten years. Midlife for me became a time between 40 and 60 where I began to question all of my previous assumptions about my life and where I was headed. Divorce, job loss and then career loss at age 49 were the misfortunes that just kept on giving until I had discovered a whole new me.
    As I note in my book, Find Your Reason To Be Here, boomers’ midlife transformation is a whole new rite of passage not available to previous generations. We simply didn’t live long enough in the past! Now we have time to change everything in our 40s or 50s and begin anew! Talk about liberation! My life is new in every regard now, and I thank my midlife crisis everyday for that…

  2. It sounds like you are brave, thoughtful, and intelligent. You already have experienced some loss and pain in your life. And, you will in the future. But, I imagine that you will come through “midlife” (however you define it) as a stronger, more compassionate, and more self-confident person. Best wishes. P.S. – I’m 66 years old and I remember some of my own midlife angst.

    1. I try not to worry. My Type-A prefers to think of it as planning. I’m trying to focus on making intentional choices that authentically suit me!

  3. My (mid-life) menopausal journey helped to focus my attention towards myself. I had to put myself on my own To Do List as my hormones were plummeting and I started experiencing insomnia, mood swings, hot flashes, weight gain and lots more. It is common for these symptoms to occur in “mid-life. At one point, I thought an alien had taken over my body. I did not like the new me. Then I found a menopause specialist who developed an individual plan that fit my health needs and helped me with all of these symptoms. I felt great again and I felt a new freedom and excitement about this time in my life. I came out an even better version of me!

    1. I love the idea of a menopause specialist! I understand feeling like an alien has taken over your body. But I LOVE that you’re a better version of you!!! That’s wonderful!

    1. Yeah…the unraveling is sort of a force of nature that just happens whether we want it to or not. But in the coming back together – there’s choice and there’s power and it’s not a race. We can take each step slowly and intentionally 🙂

  4. I love your positive outlook on midlife! I am 46 menopausal and I try my best to be positive but my hormones are getting the best of me! I have good and bad days, but I get petrified of the future! Great blog!

  5. Ahhhhh, Hollis’s book helped me too… depth psychology has intrigued me for a long time, but JH’s books plunge into those darker emotional/subsurface realms that our souls are begging us to give attention to.

    My crises have pushed me into solitude but awakened me to connection. The suffering we experience as humans connects us to a solidarity we can’t find without our authenticity.

    I love Hollis’s warnings. I guess they are Jung’s really. Face your shadow or face psychosis.

    I read the Middle Passage and found two others (also James Hollis) that I read immediately after… Swamplands of the Soul and The Eden Project.

    I did a write up of them if interested (and allowed by moderators here!)—

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