Where are the most common but unexpected places to find hidden sugar? www.themidlifemamas.com

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  1. Wow, I didn’t know that we intake that much sugar. I never really had thought about it in the way you describe it above. I will become more vigilant at what my family’s sugar intake is from now on.

  2. Wow. It really is hidden everywhere. We try to eat healthy, but i know many of these foods are in our pantry and refrigerator. Thank you for all the great information.

  3. Earlier this year, I took part in a real food challenge that talked (among other things) about sugar contents in everyday foods, especially surprising in “health” foods. So, I’m much more sensitive to what I’m putting in my body each day. I’ve lost weight since trimming the sugar, and more importantly, I’ve felt so much better! This article was a great reminder to stay on track and be intentional. I liked the “assignments” at the end too. Looks like I still have some sugar to weed out of my cupboards.

  4. Such a great post! It’s kind of scary how sugar is in everything once you start reading labels! I have gone through seasons where I cut out sugar completely and it really is amazing how much better I felt!

  5. I wish nutrition labels had sugar in teaspoons not grams, I think we’d do better if it was. I make a lot of my own food so I can reduce or take out sugar. I don’t add sugar to my pizza or spaghetti sauce for example.

    1. Yes! Then people would really understand that measurement! We also make a lot of our own food. If I’m going to have sugar, it’s not worth it in spaghetti sauce or a granola bar! I’d rather have something really indulgent occasionally and know that it’s the real thing and really appreciate what I’m having!!!

  6. When I did the Whole30 back in the spring, I was amazed at how many places I found sugar. Learning that kids should only have 3 tsps or less of sugar daily was a big eye opener. I’ve always limited my children’s sugar, but now I try harder.

    1. That’s exactly why it feels so hard! It’s everywhere – especially in places you wouldn’t think to look! One of the best reasons for limiting sugar for children is that it replaces the nutrients that they need to grow and develop! I’d love to hear how different you felt after the Whole 30!

    1. It’s so sneaky!!! There are over 50 names for sugar that are allowed on nutrition labels! I’d love to know how you’re feeling now that you’ve reduced your sugar intake!

  7. I get there is hidden sugar in everything but it is really hard to find prepared food that doesn’t have it. So what is the solution. How do I keep my food convenient and low in sugar.

  8. It’s shocking how much sugar is hiding in our food! I love your action item idea to combat sugar addiction. I think I’m going to give up spaghetti sauce and make my own. Thanks so much for linking this up at Happy Home Life. It’s a tip that I know is going to make my home life happier!

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