Perfection: How many ways are you getting it all wrong??

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  1. Great post. I can honestly say that I am NOT a perfectionist. I think it’s why I enjoy cooking over baking. It’s interesting how some people are more into getting everything perfect than others. Sometimes I think I should try a little harder at certain things, but I a lot of times I just don’t care that much haha. Maybe I’m just lazy?

    1. Definitely not lazy! I love cooking over baking as well – baking is too precise. I really enjoy playing with things! I usually tell people if they ate something at my house that they enjoyed, they probably won’t get that exact thing again because I won’t remember exactly how I did it!

  2. I am definitely a perfection…to my detriment. Something I’m working on, but know it will take time. Makes life a heck of a lot harder trying to make sure everything is up to the “right standards.” Great reminder to not let it get out of control!!

  3. Hi Karen! I love this post and I too fight the battle with perfectionism. I’ve never heard that Jane Fonda quote before and I love it. I hope to meet you at the BLU Conference in Atlanta. 🙂

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