icture books that defy traditional gender roles

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  1. As a female engineer, I’m annoyed that Rosie Revere made the list for crushing gender stereotypes. My aeronautical/astronautical engineering major at MIT was 40% female. It’s time to stop repeating the message that girls in STEM are defying gender stereotypes. While STEM should be encouraged for girls, it shouldn’t be seen as unusual or we will continue to propagate a tired old stereotype.

    1. Thank you so much for this comment – I didn’t realize that class demographics had changed that much. As an attorney, I know it can be difficult to step out of the mold – and my law school class was, at least, 80% male. (But that was almost 30 years ago…did I just write that???) I do still think there are plenty of young women who are steered away from STEM subjects, or who believe that they can’t be successful in math. But I definitely agree that we shouldn’t view young women in STEM based professions as unusual.

      1. Most STEM based classes/majors are still vastly disproportionate in gendered representation of women (and I have yet to see stats from outside the binary). Representation and underrepresentation matter. “Seeing yourself” is so important. It’s awesome the commenter felt they were in a class where there was parody (at least visually). Sadly, that is not the case statistically.

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