Meet karen

The other moms have everything all figured out, right?

There they are with all the time in the world – splashing their photos of happy, busy, high achieving cherub-faced children across your newsfeed. every. single. day.


And there you are just struggling to get the kids fed, packed, and out the door to school. With pants. And shoes.

But guess what? Those other moms? They don’t have it all figured out either.

And you don’t have to either.

Here’s what else I know. This time, it’s about you…

“I want everyone who comes here to know that I am passionate about helping you guide your family to feeling more connected, cooperative, and loving – every day!”


People think you are one of those “other” moms who has “it” all together.

You’re tired. I mean, overwhelmed, bone-weary, dog-ass kind of tired.

You feel guilty. You can barely have relaxing “family time” that doesn’t end in tears or tantrums. I’m talking yours or theirs.

You desperately want to feel like you’ve got “it” together more often than not.

You’re a better mom than you think you are.

You know I’m right.

So, here are 3 things you should do right now:


Get my free “Get Rid of What Overwhelms You” Reference Guide. Because, stuff.

You can’t focus on what you love when it’s buried under phone books, a mountain of junk mail, and an email in-box that you’re afraid to go near.

I created this epic Reference Guide giving you detailed and super specific info – the phone numbers, resources, and email addresses – to stop the incoming madness today.

Stop the madness. GRAB IT HERE


Access my “More Peace & Less Overwhelm Today” Guide

One tiny shift today gives you freedom to prioritize what’s truly important to you right away. But to make that shift, you need a list of easy action items that give you the results you want fast. I’m talking – connecting with your kids, loving yourself just a bit, and finding the support your need.

Take one tiny action from this list that speaks to you and put it in place. And this list – I mean – these are things that you simply can not fail at.

Watch a little bit of chaos wither and a little more calm start to thrive in your heart, your home, and your family. Rinse. Repeat. I’ll hold your hand. It’s that easy.



Slay Your Mom Gig

The one thing all humans are searching for is connection. If you can connect, I mean genuinely connect, with your kids each day – everything else starts to fall into place naturally. They talk to you more. They listen to you more. It’s a little slice of magic.

But how? Toddlers, tykes, tweens, and teens all have their own special minefields for you to jump around. Get Simple Ideas for Daily Connection with Your Kids. This is a terrific list of quick, actionable ways to share a beautiful moment of connection with your kids. Every day.


No judgment from me if you want all three!

It’s perfectly ok – get ’em all! BUT…do me a favor.

Because I want only success for you…

  • Get one at a time;
  • Take action on one or two items from the first one you sign up for;
  • PIN this page so that it will be easy to come back to;
  • Come back, and sign up for your next freebie; and
  • Repeat steps 1-4.

Oh yeah, this is an About Me page…

Here are some things you’re probably wondering about me:

“Who is this lady???”

I’m Karen Patten – and I’m a former civil rights attorney turned stay at home mom to two amazing boys who deserve the best mom that I can be. Now, I’m a passionate advocate for intentional parenting and intentionally creating the life and family you want to have.

And here’s the best thing: living the life you want is a skill. It takes practice – but it’s a learned skill. That’s right. Nobody just falls into a magical happy place. That’s why it’s my passion to help as many moms as possible to live a life that honors who they are.

I want to help you straight up love your life. Because, you.

You deserve nothing less.

“What is this place?”

This is the place where you can find free inspiration and how to’s on the blog, or find out more about one or more of my printables, e-books, (and eventually) courses that will lift your daily life experience to precisely what you intend it to be.

Whether you feel like your failing as a mom, you’ve lost yourself in the busy-ness of your own life, or you just want tips for simplifying your home and slowing down your life to a manageable pace – you’re home.

“Why should I care?”

You don’t have to. But if you could use a little more calm and joy in your day to day, organization in your home, or just a little extra time with those you love, all you need is here. No more waiting to exhale!

Wanna know more about me?

10 fun quirky interesting facts about me.

  1. Support is support, girlfriend. Even if it comes from friends that I’ve never met in
    person… Take it where you find it.
  2. I love outdoors and enjoy its peace-giving qualities. And I’m always encouraging my boys to play outside. Being outside releases my anxiety. Unless it’s too hot. Or too cold. Or too wet or too dirty. Or too primative. Or just too dog-gone “nature-y.” Because hot, cold, wet, dirty and primative just make me nervous… I love my nature, but I like my nature controlled;
  3. I’m a huge nerd and love researching something to master it;
  4. I homeschool as a lifestyle;
  5. Essential oils are better than the doctor’s office;
  6. I love books – especially beautiful, thoughtful, engaging children’s books…real paper books;
  7. I have one son who is allergic to tree nuts and sensitive to wheat, dairy, egg whites, peanuts, sesame, and soy. So, #mealplanning.
  8. I was a civil rights attorney who retains my passion for social justice, and I talk to my boys about social justice issues – all. the. time. Just ask them.
  9. My kids don’t have cell phones and only get thirty minutes of screen time per day – which they earn. (*edited to add: now there’s a pandemic and for the time being, I’ve completely given up on this. There’s only so much a girl can take.)

As you can see, some of my decisions for my family are off the beaten path. But I know they are the right decisions for us. I don’t wait or look for approval.

Wanna live a life like that? Your new secret weapon is my weekly-ish need for validation crusher. See you on the inside!

The Fancy-Schmancy Version

Karen Patten is a “built for comfort not for speed” mom living in Atlanta with her partner, two boys and two dogs.

She is passionate about living life intentionally – as well as accepting and appreciating all of life’s daily miracles and imperfections.

Karen has watched the joy in her life grow exponentially since adopting a more intentional and present lifestyle with her family. Because of her experiences, she wants to share what she’s learned along the way with as many moms as she can reach.

Karen loves family time such as board games, reading, great movies and conversations. When she isn’t spending time with family, you’ll find Karen catching up on ever-exalted quiet time alone reading or with her beloved Cavalier King Charles Spaniel puppy Fergus.