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Hello and welcome! I’m Karen, the head, heart, and hands behind this website. My journey to intentional parenting is a story of transformation, a path that led me from the hustle and bustle of keeping up with all the “cool moms” to my own more tranquil rhythms of conscious discipline, non-violent communication, and self regulation for myself and my children. It’s a tale of embracing empathy, simplicity, respect, and the profound journey of growing for and with my children.

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The 10 Pillars of Intentional Parenting

Want to rekindle your early dreams of the parent you wanted to be before you actually created actual humans?

I can show you how to establish and nurture your connection with your child so that you can set and maintain healthy boundaries and still raise whole, self-sufficient, and kind humans.

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Intentional Parenting: The Most Asked About Topics

Intentional parenting is a holistic way of parenting. Did you know that intentional parenting is just as much about the parent as it is about the child? It’s about parents and our triggers that include decades or even centuries of family history.

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Families Simplified Starter Kit

  • Get Rid of What Overwhelms You: The stuff, stuff, stuff, stuff! This is a complete list of names, websites, and phone numbers to reduce all the clutter coming into your home; kindly re-home things you no longer need; and get help decluttering the rest.
  • More Peace & Less Overwhelm: This resource is chock full of resources to help you connect with friends; find more time for you and your family; and bring some peace where there once was clutter and overwhelm.
  • Presence with Your Kids Every Day: This cheat sheet is busting at the seams with ideas that are super simple, easily actionable, and totally effective at bringing you and your kids (even prickly tweens and teens) one on one for just a bit each day.

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Behind the scenes

Hi, I’m Karen

I’m a former civil rights attorney turned stay-at-home mom to two amazing boys who deserve the best mom that I can be.

Three different names ago, this site was my way to share ways of being and doing that resonated with me and cut through the noise of parenting “advice” on the web.

Here, I share my parenting journey—wins and losses—and the transition into a family with tweens and teens. We are unconventional sometimes, but the way I parent now aligns with my values.

Today, millions of parents worldwide join me here to discover their authenticity and ways of parenting and creating a family that aligns with their own values.

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