Spending Time With Family

Family Time

For me, spending time with family is the biggest blessing of having family. And, I’m probably going to ruffle some feathers here, but I believe quality time and quantity of time are important for families. So I am fierce about creating and defending that time.

I want this page to inspire you, give you ideas, and show you ways to spend time genuinely connecting with your kids – that’s the goal.

Finding Family Time Doesn’t Have To Be Hard

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Family Reading Culture

I love the theater, art, movies, poetry, and books. I really love books. The common threads here are stories and story telling. One thing I know for sure is that story telling is one of the things that defines our humanity. We learn life lessons from stories; we entertain one another with stories; and we pass down history and culture through stories.

So why not use stories to bring us closer together as a family?

image of happy family of four on floor in front of the Christmas tree reading a book together

22 Fascinating Christmas Read Alouds The Entire Family Will Love {Seriously…}

Spoiler Alert: This list is filled with some of our very favorite books to read aloud during the Christmas season. As soon as the Thanksgiving turkey is put away, I love finding delightful Christmas read alouds for the whole family. These Christmas chapter books will keep everyone entertained – from kindergarten up through early and…

Our Five All-Time Favorite Family Read Alouds


I’ll be honest. With my first son, I fell into homeschooling like Wile E. Coyote losing his battle with gravity. And then with my second son, it felt like the moment Wile E. gets crushed by his own boulder. Let’s just say, our homeschool wasn’t really planned.

But that’s not to say it hasn’t worked itself into a beautiful family blessing. Because it has. And I’ll share with you how we did it as well as our favorite resources.

image of young girl playing math board game with manipulatives and smiling

The Mind-Blowing Math Board Games You Won’t Be Able To Tear Your Kids Away From

Spoiler alert: Game school. Wow. Of all the things I never thought I’d embrace. We are definitely eclectic homeschoolers but come. on. Math board games to play at school? Games to help children with problem solving and learning math? Back in the day, we didn’t do that. We drilled and flashed cards with a vengeance….

Get A Book List Tailor-Made For You Each Month!

So, research and reading are a couple of my super powers. I spend hours, days, and even weeks curating my book lists for you. There are no crappy schmappy books on any of my lists. I have either personally read or added to my “to be read” list every single book that I will ever suggest for you.

Skip the hours of searching for a good book only to start book after book – but never finishing one. That’s a recipe for failure, my friend. You can kindle (see what I did there?) your family’s love of reading today! Let me help you!

let’s get started!

Creative Life

Creativity is something that I really enjoy exploring both for myself and with my boys. Exploring the creative process and aspiring to a creative life are all things that we value. Each of my boys has a different creative mind and they each display different types of creativity.

I’m sharing both our personal creative experiences I’m hoping to inspire you to explore yours!

10 Creative Things To Do In 10 Minutes or Less!

I put together this list of simple things to get your started on your creative journey! Let each family member pick something and pump up your creativity muscles!