A journey to find self awareness is always a journey of many steps. As you get started, you'll need to find this one thing. www.themidlifemamas.com #selfawareness #courage #support

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  1. I can totally relate! And I’ve found that those same naysayers are the ones who want to know all of your wellness secrets once they see your results. Interesting how that works, huh?

    One thing I just started doing is putting a paper on my fridge that says “I can do hard things.” Every time I overcome my laziness or my desire to do something unhealthy, I put a tally on the paper, marking my tiny victory. It’s quite motivating to see all the little victories add up!

    1. Yes! I LOVE the idea of tallying up success (no matter how small) on the fridge. I’m starting that today! Thank you! I’m finishing up my next post for tomorrow, would love to see you come back and share more great ideas 🙂

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