Bird watching is the most exciting lifetime hobby and it's perfect to start when your children are young. Young children are naturally curious and are sponges for knowledge. They love animals and so it just seems like a perfect fit!

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  1. What amazing childhood experiences you had! My kids have enjoyed bird watching this year. Even just in our backyard we have some different species. Woodpeckers are their favorites. Thank you so much for sharing in the Learning Thru Adventure hop!

  2. Karen I can honestly say I would have never thought about bird watching for my girls. I never thought about it even being fun! But I love all of your points about the fun and educational aspects of it…thank you for a totally new perspective!

    1. It seems a little nerdy, maybe it is, but we really enjoy it as a family activity. We all enjoy being outside and it gives us something to search for and learn about. It’s been a really fun experience!

  3. We love birdwatching! There is a set of cardinals who live in our yard in the winter and we had a mama and baby hawks stay with us this Spring (we were able to observe the mother teaching the babies to fly!) I can remember sitting near the window for hours when my kids were young and watching the birds come to the feeder. I LOVE your bird feeder too!

    1. GASP! I would love to see a mama teaching babies to fly!!! We were so lucky to have a robin’s nest about 5 feet off of our deck and we were able to watch mama feeding and taking care of her babies – but never saw her teaching them to fly!!! I’ll have to research, but I’m hoping that she’ll come back to her same nest next year 🙂

  4. We love bird watching; my son has two bird feeders that are suction cupped to his bedroom windows. It has been so much fun watching to see which ones come to visit! We just recently bought a birdhouse that suction cups to windows as well and have plans to get a hummingbird feeder this spring.

  5. Wow, I never took into account that kids can also go bird watching with us. I love that you emphasized how birding can benefit a child mentally and physically. Like you said, they will have a love for learning and will be fit due to hiking. This just gave me the idea on what to do with them this summer. Actually, my kids are adventure seekers. They would probably love going into the woods and looking for birds. Thanks for the information!

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