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Spoiler Alert: Chocolate lovers, unite! Heat your milk, grab your heavy cream or half and half. Grab your best cocoa powder, melted chocolate, or chocolate bars! We’re making real hot chocolate here! Drinking chocolate, sipping chocolate, and hot chocolate recipes to make you want to slobber just a bit… I’ve found some deliciously decadent drinking chocolates for you! There’s nothing quite like wrapping your chilled hands around a big mug of hot sipping or drinking chocolate! There’s no “chocolate flavored” anything here. It’s all the real deal – dark chocolate, milk chocolate, chocolate chips, chocolate chunks, name your chocolate!

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The Magic of Cold Winter Weather Combined With Hot Decadent Chocolate

Winter is a time of year filled with magic and sparkle. The holidays are in full swing, bringing family and friends together. Now that the weather is cooling down, there’s nothing I love more than cozying up on the couch with the fams to watch some fantastic TV, have a movie night or a family game night.

And what goes best with all that?

Hot chocolate! But, is there a difference between hot chocolate, drinking chocolate, sipping chocolate, and hot cocoa? Yep, actually there is!

collage of images of many different kinds and flavors of delicious looking sipping chocolate recipes

What Is Drinking Chocolate or Sipping Chocolate?

Technically speaking, hot cocoa and hot chocolate are two very different beverages. Hot cocoa comes from a powder, while hot chocolate is (technically speaking) what many call “drinking chocolate” or “sipping chocolate,” made from chopped bits of chocolate or small chocolate pellets that are melted slowly and painstakingly, then blended with milk, cream, or water.
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Drinking Chocolates Are Not New

Humans have been loving hot chocolate, in all its variations, for centuries!

As long ago as 500 B.C., the Mayan people were gathering, roasting, and grinding the fruits from cocoa pods, steeping the grindings in water, and mixing the drink with chili peppers before pouring it back and forth from a cup to a pot until a thick foam developed.

Here, I’ve pulled together some amazing sipping chocolate, hot chocolate, and drinking chocolate recipes. And I’ve found it all – from peppermint mocha to Mexican hot chocolate! If your looking to give your favorite warm beverage a new bit of zIp – you’ll find it here!

Hot Chocolate Round Up

There’s just something about cup of hot chocolate. If a drink could be a warm hug by the fire, drinking chocolate would be that warm hug.

Each of these recipes is perfect for warming up after a day in the snow or even just a cold, drizzly, rain. If you have a chill in your bones, drinking chocolate, or sipping chocolate, is a perfectly decadent treat to warm you up.

I bet you can even get those tweens and teens to pick a hot chocolate recipe and make a different drinking chocolate every night!

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After reading these recipes, I hope that you and yours will delight in making one or more of these drinking chocolate or sipping chocolate recipes at home. Then – get cozy with your family and sip some warm deliciousness.

Here’s to staying warm and cozy this winter season!

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collage of images of many different kinds and flavors of delicious looking hot chocolate recipes