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We all know that there will inevitably be awkward conversations with your tween or teen. I love this idea / tip because no matter how flustered or embarrassed I feel by my child's conversation starters, this works! What parents really want is a way to respond positively in the moment when we've been caught off guard instead of reacting negatively and damaging our relationship with our child. Here's the only phrase you'll ever need to know! #positiveresponse #tweens #teenagers #parentingtweens #parentingteens #parenting

You Only Need One Powerful Phrase To Transform Any Awkward Conversations With Your Tween

Whatever you call them - young teens, pre-teens, or tweens - it's a challenging stage. Parenting this age means swimming upstream most days. But allowing our tweens to have unstructured time (even if we feel they are "wasting time") is crucial for them to grow into happy and confident tweens #tweens #parenting

The Most Important Thing Your Tween Needs to Be Happy & Confident (Backed by Science!)

Tweens are INTENSE! But there are steps that you can take to minimize the tween intensity in their lives. Everyone is happier when tweens are less intense!

How to Minimize the Tween Intensity in Your Life

It's not always easy to cherish those difficult in between times for you or your young teen - but I loved this - because it explains perfectly why these moments are breathtaking!

This is Why Young Teen Angst Is Breathtaking

Give you tween this gift and you will definitely survive the tween years. With your sanity.

One Thing You Need to Survive the Tween Years – With Your Sanity Intact

Understanding tweens and teens can be really tough! Showing them that you understand can be even harder!

One Powerful Way to Show Your Teen You Understand

I loved this easy response to children when they are complaining that 'It's Not Fair!"

The Perfect Response to "It’s Not Fair!"

I love having a list of great books right at my fingertips! This is a great summer reading list for my boys between the ages of 8-12!

25 Enthralling Summer Books for Boys 8-12

Acts of kindness can be difficult for sensitive children and here are some sure fire ways to help them get through it. They already have both kindness and empathy - they just need to learn the skills to not be overwhelmed by them! This is a great act of kindness for the whole family!

One Marvelous Reason Sweet Kids May Struggle With Kind Acts