Forget Battleship. Here Are 15 Super Cool Games for Boys That You’ve Probably Never Heard Of

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Spoiler Alert: If you’re looking for cool games for boys in their tweens and teens that go beyond LEGOs for boys, the traditional Battleship or Monopoly – look no further! This is the ultimate list of awesome fun card games and the best board games for kids ten and up. These games are filled with adventure, intrigue, and are also tried, true, and guaranteed to have everyone having the time of their lives! 

If you’re looking for cool games for boys that go beyond the traditional Battleship and Twister – look no further. This is the best list of awesome fun games for kids – games filled with adventure, intrigue, and that are also tried, true, and guaranteed to have everyone laughing their socks off! #coolgamesforboys #gamesforboys

At our house, we are huge fans of board games. I can’t say we have a specific game night – but we are fluid with when we play.

I love fun board games for kids for several reasons. First – not a screen. Second, games have many benefits for child development including development of logical and reasoning skills, boosting critical thinking skills, and enhancing spatial reasoning. Playing board games helps in learning, social, and communication skills as well. (Benefits of Board Games)

And now back to me. My truly favorite reason that I love tween games  – board, card, or otherwise – is that they are a great way for me to connect with my tween at an age when connection isn’t always so easy. Sometimes I’ll spontaneously call a game night – and the only argument is deciding which game to play first!

I find that my younger son enjoys that one on one time with me. I also find that it’s a great opportunity for my tween to open up about something that he may want to discuss in an atmosphere that is non-threatening.

One of our traditions is to give a family (or sharing) gift each year at Christmas to each of the boys. It’s traditionally a board game for us to enjoy together.

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Not Parent Approved is:

  • Inspired by Cards Against Humanity but for kids. 100% family-friendly!
  • Winner of Scholastic’s Gold Star Toy Award. A multiple award-winning party game for tweens, young teens and their families (4-10 players, ages 8+).
  • A HILARIOUS word game of fill-in-the blanks. Designed to reintroduce a love of tabletop games for a screen-obsessed generation. Attention-grabbing. Easy-to-learn. Quick, simple play.
  • Comes with 455 durable, premium-printed cards (2″x3″) and rules insert in a custom shrink-wrapped box. Expansion Pack #1, Expansion Pack #2 and Expansion Pack BLANK sold separately.
  • Portable take anywhere size. Great for parties, sleepovers, slumber parties, road trips, flights, picnics, and summer camps. Take the laughter with you wherever you go!


Exploding kittens is a card game for people who are into kittens and explosions and laser beams and sometimes goats. What more do you really need to know?

Oh, yep. You also need to know this. If you don’t know what NSFW means – don’t get that version for your kids. Just because, you know, hypothetically I might know somebody who didn’t know what NSFW meant.


Operation Escape E.V.I.L. has been named Creative Child Game Of The Year, Academics’ Choice Brain Toy, Mom’s Choice Awards – Gold, Parents’ Choice Recommended by Parents’ Choice & Tillywig Best Family Fun awards winner

Simple, fun board game based on science experiments involving chemicals from daily life.

No prior knowledge of chemistry required to play.

Use some of the tricks as ideas for school science projects.


Brain Games for Kids lets you:

PLAY fun games designed to MESS WITH YOUR MIND!

EXPLORE the limits of the HUMAN BRAIN and how it works!

DISCOVER fascinating facts and brainy news nuggets!

Includes 128 Challenge Cards, Game Board, Card Holder, 6 Pawns and Instructions


Photosynthesisis the green strategy board game!

Plant and shape the ever-changing forest as you cultivate your seeds and your strategy. Take your trees through their life-cycle, from seedling to full Bloom to rebirth, and earn points as their leaves collect energy from the revolving sun’s rays.

We don’t have this one yet – and normally I might not have added it here. But…the reviews are phenomenal! On the surface, it doesn’t sound like the hottest thing out there – but those reviews! We’re definitely going to check this out!


This is currently our family’s favorite game! Players put their charm, quick thinking, and persuasive personality to the test with the creative and hilarious Snake Oilgame. One player is the “customer,” and the rest of the players are “salesmen” trying to convince the customer to purchase their product over the others. The products to sell are made by combining two of the Word cards, and players have to gear their sales pitch to the customer’s character. Selling a snow machine to a caveman would be quite different from selling one to a rock star! Lie, fib, and make up some ridiculous stories in order to collect the most Customer cards. There’s also an add-on card pack, Snake Oil Elixir for more cards and more wacky combinations!

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The GOAL of this hilariously strategic card game is to become Lord of the Goats! To do this, be the first player to get to 1,000 goat points by gathering the biggest herd of goats.

You do this by stacking identical pairs of goats in front of you to build your goatherd. Each of the many goat types have different point values, you will fight for the highest point values.

Everything gets goat crazy when you attack opponents by dueling for their top GOAT Stack or play action cards that give you magical goat powers and abilities to beat your lowly goat friends.


Win trophies for making up funny movie titles in this hilarious game that’s fun for the whole family… from kids to grandparents! Roll the Genre Die and flip two Premise Cards to determine what the Schmovie is about. For example, what would you call an ACTION FILM about a MUTANT SANDWICH? Players write titles that are parodies of real movies, like “Beauty and the Beef” or “Despicable Meat”, or, completely made up, like “Bun on the Run” or “The Two-Toed Tuna”! No movie trivia… just laughs!


In Imhotep, players take on the role of ancient Egyptian architects. Over six rounds, they try to transport stone blocks to end up in the most valuable positions at five construction sites, while thwarting their opponents’ efforts to do the same. To win the game and be named the greatest architect, you must get your blocks to the right place places, in the right order, at the right time.

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The Land of Andor is in danger. From the mountains and forests, enemies are advancing toward the castle of old King Brandur. Only your small band of heroes stands in their way. Will you succeed in defending the castle and protecting Andor?

Legends of Andoris a cooperative board game for two to four heroes. Live the legendary tales as you unite to battle ever-encroaching enemy forces.


The Stock Exchange Game takes each trip around the board as a year in your life. Investing with the goal of how to retire. Early in the game, purchase risky assets with higher returns, then later in the game sell the risky stocks for safer, more stable investments. “Wheel and Deal” buying and selling stocks to flip profit into more money! The investor to retire with the most assets wins!


This is one of the best board games for family game night and parties with friends .Some people even make it into an adult drinking game. Either way, spontuneous will have you laughing for hours and will surely be an encore for more.

One player says a word and the race is on for the others to sing a song containing that word.


Through the Ages begins with a small tribe and the will to build a great civilization. Expand your farms and mines to gain the resources to build your cities. This lays the groundwork for technological advancements, better governments, and great wonders. Choose wise leaders whose legacy will lead your people to greatness. Strengthen your army to protect your borders and to expand your territory. A strong economy, advanced technology, happy citizens, enlightened government, a strong military – your civilization needs to do well in many areas.  But don’t neglect the finer things in life, because the civilization with the most influential culture wins.

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ThinkFun’s version of Escape the Room allows you to bring home the excitement, without actually locking anyone in a room. Spend an evening working with your guests to unravel the mystery of the Stargazer’s Manor and save a well-known astronomer by finding clues and solving puzzles. But be careful, in this nail-biting party game, the doors have shut and locked behind you. Will you and your guests be able to solve the mystery and save the astronomer before time runs out? ThinkFun also has a more advanced version for older kids – Escape the Room – Secret of Dr. Gravely’s Retreat.


The majority of people believe the human mind is capable of magical psychic powers. Do you? Find out with Magic Minds, a spell-binding new game based featuring the same award-winning head-to-head gameplay as the original Telepathy game, now updated with mystical and magical symbols. In Magic Minds, two players (or teams) race head-to-head to see who can be the first to correctly guess the opponent’s secret square using only strategic thinking, deduction, logic and a sharp memory.

*And so you know – if you’ve made it to this point in the post and you’re furious with me… I titled this post (and other related posts) “for boys” solely because I have two boys – and these are the kids that I play games with. Since I personally have fun with so many of these games, I see no reason to think they wouldn’t be every bit as fun for girls – I just haven’t tested them on girls! So if your girls try any of these, let me know what they thought!

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If you’re looking for cool games for boys that go beyond the traditional Battleship and Twister – look no further. This is the best list of awesome fun games for kids – games filled with adventure, intrigue, and that are also tried, true, and guaranteed to have everyone laughing their socks off! #coolgamesforboys #gamesforboys]]>


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