I was wondering how to make Christmas traditions more relaxed - I was ready to pull my hair out and this made so much sense! www.themidliflemamas.com

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  1. “Expectations are like clutter” this was SUCH a good post! I feel like this applies to all our holidays, birthdays especially. Ever since I “grew up” birthday’s have been a huge disappointment to me. But the reality is, these days, seasons, events, are what we MAKE of them. We need to stop focusing on all the things we can’t or didn’t do and focus on what we CAN do. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Lots of great tips here and I love that you’ve referenced Clark Grizwald, such a funny movie! We normally have Christmas at my mother’s house so there’s not an awful lot for me to get carried away with in the lead up, but it’s a great reminder not to get too hung up on how things ‘should’ be for Christmas day 🙂

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