A green energy smoothie is a great part of a healthy day. Right here in one place you will find one million green smoothie recipes. Crazy, right? www.intentionalfamilylife.com

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I first started making green smoothies when I wanted to find a way to get my boys to eat leafy greens. It’s always for the kids first, right? Then, I started making green energy smoothies for myself when I needed a pick me up during the day. Then they replaced my afternoon latte. A good green energy smoothie became my go-to solution. And it worked – for me and the boys!

If you want bragging rights, you can tell people your child had kale for breakfast…

A green energy smoothie is a great part of a healthy day. Right here in one place you will find one million green energy smoothie recipes that you can create all on your own. Crazy, right? www.themidlifemamas.com

Green energy smoothies are nothing short of fabulous and I love including them in my day – any time of day. I have found that one of my favorite times to have a green energy smoothie is as a fabulous pick me up during my 3:00 p.m. slump.

Leafy greens in our diet are more important than ever.

Vegetables contain an array of antioxidants and other disease-fighting compounds. Some plant chemicals can reduce inflammation and eliminate carcinogens, while others regulate the rate at which cells reproduce, get rid of old cells and maintain DNA.

Increasing your intake of leafy greens is associated with lower risks of stroke, type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, Alzheimer’s disease, heart disease, certain types of cancer, eye diseases, digestive problems, kidney stones and bone loss. If that isn’t enough, add in higher scores on cognitive tests, higher antioxidant levels, and lower biomarkers for oxidative stress. Convinced?

Not yet? I’l throw in another piece of cool info. Biophotons. Raw veggies contain biophotons which are

the smallest physical units of light, which are stored in, and used by all biological organisms — including your body.” The sun’s energy can find its way into your body through the food you take in. Biophotons “contain important bio-information, which controls complex vital processes in your body. The biophotons have the power to order and regulate, and, in doing so, to elevate the organism — in this case, your physical body — to a higher oscillation or order. Generally, the more sunlight a food is able to store, the more nutritious it is.

I envision little tiny droplets of sunlight flooding my body. Awesome and freaky all at the same time!

Getting on the smoothie band wagon makes getting your leafy greens every day super easy and always delish. But I warn you, once you get started, you may want to purchase a high powered blender, like the Vitamix, which makes my kitchen my own personal energy smoothie shop. It also makes (and heats) soup!

In the summer, I make smoothies and freeze them in popsicle molds for all of us! YUM!

I learned a great method that I can play with however I want to. I’ve adopted a formula that I found at Simple Green Smoothies:

  • 2 cups of greens;
  • 2 cups of liquid; and
  • 3 cups of fruit.

This will make two smoothies. I try to keep my smoothies a little less sweet. I can easily play with the formula to make a green smoothie that suits me in the moment. Depending on the sweetness of the fruits I use, I adjust the amount of greens. Depending on the greens I use, I adjust the amount of fruit.

For example, if I use a really mild green, like spinach, I will use closer to three cups of greens and slightly reduce the amount of fruit.  If I use a more pungent green, like kale, I will likely keep the proportions about the same.

Here’s a great recipe to start off with: I used  2 cups of spinach; 1 cup of kale; 1 1/2 cups coconut milk; one ripe banana; and about 1 1/2 cups of frozen mixed berries.

  • Blend liquid and greens together;
  • Add in remaining ingredients;
  • Blend, pour, and enjoy!

Once you’ve had your first green smoothie and you’re hooked, you can start mixing it up a little. Now that you’re ready to start making some energy smoothies on  your own, you can use this handy mix and match card.

Go mix and match crazy!  Pick your greens, your liquid, and your fruit. Let your kids get involved, they will love it (and be more likely to drink it)! The sky’s the limit for your greens. I have my tried and true easy to find favorites – kale and spinach. There are so many choices for liquids that can add great health to your smoothie! Think WAY beyond water: coconut milk or water, any teas, almond milk, the list goes on and on. Add ANY fruit. Once you’ve done that, if you really want to kick it up a notch – use one or more of the possible super add ins.

Make sure to Pin this infographic to refer back to any time you aren’t sure what to put in your energy smoothie!

A green energy smoothie is a great part of a healthy day. Right here in one place you will find one million green smoothie recipes. Crazy, right? www.themidlifemamas.com

I have some other great recipes that will help you find a great snack, loaded with nutrients, that still tastes amazing. One of my favorites is Double Chocolate Muffins That Taste Like Fudge. Another of my favorites, especially in the summer, is growing and cooking with Basil.

Make your own and then let me know your favorite new (or well worn) smoothie recipe!