Tweens are INTENSE! But there are steps that you can take to minimize the tween intensity in their lives. Everyone is happier when tweens are less intense!

How to Minimize the Tween Intensity in Your Life

This is the best-ever list of self help books; each book is overflowing with words of encouragement for women. Each one of these books is perfect for moms, any woman really, who is looking for personal development, growth, and life changing motivation. From time to time, all of us need inspiration to keep going through marriage or divorce, depression or anxiety, or when we are simply learning to be who we authentically are in our 40’s. I love how each book shares – in its own way - genuine heart felt words and ideas from women based on their personal experiences. #selfhelp #selfhelpforwomen #anxiety #depression #selfhelpbooks #selfhealing

10 Books That Will Make You The Best Version Of Yourself

Parenting a highly sensitive child can be challenging. During school breaks or other changes in routines, activities, or schedules, some signs and traits of emotional or sensitive children may become more pronounced. As a mom, these tips were so helpful to me to learn when my child was struggling with difficult feelings or thoughts and how I could really help him get through a challenging situation. #emotionalsensitivity #highlysensitivechild #emotionsforkids

One Thing Your Highly Sensitive Child Needs From You

Are you wondering what is middle age? Is it a number or is middle age something that you can successfully navigate?

This is What a Successful Midlife Crisis Really Looks Like

Have you ever wondered if there are creative things to do when you don't feel creative? Maybe creativity feels like something you weren't born with? Guess what? You can still explore your creativity and do creative things!

50 Creative Things To Do When You Aren’t Creative

It's never too late to explore your creativity. We gain so many health benefits from expressing our creativity.

Get Creative And Transform Into A Happier and More Relaxed Human – Proven By Science!

Want inspiration to be creative? It doesn't matter whether your jam is photography, writing, arts or crafts - creativity actually correlates with happiness and life satisfaction! #creativity #inspiration

This Is What Killed My Creativity…And How I Got It Back

Children's books that defy gender stereotypes are great conversation starters! I love having something as easy as a book to help me ask some great questions! #genderroles #childrensbooks

37 Children’s Books that Crush Gender Stereotypes

I love having a list of great books right at my fingertips! This is a great summer reading list for my boys between the ages of 8-12!

25 Enthralling Summer Books for Boys 8-12