Your Favorite Parenting Advice from 2015

Karen Patten

2015 was amazing for me! Spoil My Family was born and we began creating this awesome community here together. I found as I continued to write that you guys wanted to hear about so many different things – and I loved all the feedback. Parenting was at the top of the list. And for good reason. IT’S HARD! But the best part of all of our worlds, I know. So I’ll wanted to share your favorite posts from 2015!

Here are your favorite parenting posts from Spoil My Family in 2015. You'll also find some of the very best parenting advice I've found from other bloggers - all in one place!

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Spoil My Family’s 5 Top Parenting Post of 2015: Reader Favorites!

Drum roll, please…here we go!

So, in fifth place: This post is so near and dear to my heart. I know how desperately we all want the very best for our children. But what I’ve learned is that the very best way to set them up for success is to follow these 5 Things to Prepare Your Child for Success. It’s easier than you might think to provide a solid foundation for success….

How do you help your children be prepared for their next stage in life? Follow these guidelines to give your child every chance of being well prepared. #childhood #prepareyourchild #freeplay #childrenplay

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Your fourth favorite post was Back to School with Essential Oils. I wrote this because so many people, including my friends, ask me what we do to keep our immune systems as strong as possible. I always feel like we are blissfully germ free and our immune systems always seem to be so strong throughout the summer, but as soon as we’re back to school….

Learn how to send your children back to school with essential oils to get them started on their best school year ever! #backtoschool

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Need a Translator to Interpret Child Behavior? was written about an amazing gift that you can give your children. Children often display their bodies’ needs in their behavior although they are not able to articulate what they need. Sometimes their behavior can be confusing both for them and for the adults who care for thme. But what if you had a translator? You’re welcome…

Do you ever feel like you need a Translator to interpret child behavior? I do!!! This is the ticket!

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Want to Help Your Child Have Fewer Hard Times? was a post written as part of my 31 day series in October on many aspects of sugar, where it hides, and its impact on our bodies. Sugar can have a much stronger impact on kids than adults and we really need to help them limit the sugar to set good habits for life! If you’re seeing behavior issues in your house, STOP here and go read this now! Go. It’s ok, I’ll wait. Go!

Have you heard the saying "You're child isn't giving you a hard time, he's having a hard time?" Want to learn how to help your child have fewer of those hard times? Try this. #sugarsensitive #write31days #sugar #sugaraddict #sugaraddiction #childrenandsugar

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I must admit, your favorite post of the year may have also been my most fun to write! I loved searching for images of rowdy little boys and reminiscing over all that I’d learned and experienced from my boys. And I began to even look ahead to what else might be coming on the road ahead.

I wrote 7 Things I Didn’t Expect About Raising Boys about my expectations about having boys and then the truth of what really happened… I though it would be fun for my friend Hillary at The Cole Mines to also write her story from the perspective of having two girls. I was a really fun project! I was surprised and it was so fun to see that so many people enjoyed reading the post. Boys are the bomb! I truly enjoy having boys – they are special and unique and I wouldn’t have it any other way!

When I found out I was having a boy, a million thoughts ran through my head. What I've learned is that mothering boys isn't everything I was expecting... #motheringboys

When I found out I was having a boy, a million thoughts ran through my head. What I’ve learned is that mothering boys isn’t everything I was expecting…

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So there are your top five very favorite parenting posts from Spoil My Family in 2015. I’m so excited to keep writing and talking with you about what you want to see here. Keep in touch – and let me know what you love and what…well, what’s not all that 🙂


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Just more great information to get great ideas to be the parent your kids already think you are 🙂


  1. Jennifer @ The Jenny Evolution on January 15, 2016 at 12:55 pm

    I really do love your post about your expectations of mothering boys and the reality 🙂 Great piece!

    Thanks for participating in the Top Parenting Tips series with The Jenny Evolution. I’m thankful you’re a part of our online parenting community 🙂

    Jennifer @ The Jenny Evolution

    • Karen Patten on January 17, 2016 at 12:43 am

      Thank you so much! I love the Top Parenting Tip series on The Jenny Evolution and can’t wait to keep reading more! 🙂


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